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How to quit smoking using a rare cause of smoking addiction?

How to quit smoking using a rare cause of smoking addiction?

       Do specialists really know how to help someone quit smoking? Do addiction to smoking is a true concept or just a logical fallacy, let's say the fallacy of argument from authority or the fallacy of generalizationFor a long time, most people talk about the harmful effects of smoking, and diligently apply many techniques to end smoking using many means to quit smoking, but these methods rarely work, why? Besides, they often wonder "what can I replace smoking with? Because they don't accurately identify the direct causes of addiction to smoking! Rather, they focus on treating nicotine addiction as being the only way to stop smoking permanently. Therefore, they can't stop smoking! Hence, why do smokers find it hard to quit smoking? Because most of them point out that these chemicals get mixed with blood and cells, the brain gets supplied with a huge amount of them to dominate the smoker's mind. That's why the smoker becomes convinced, internally, by the idea of the inability to put an end to this phenomenon! And that's why many smokers are living on everyday stress, anxiety, and rapid nervous tension! They don't believe in how to quit smoking easily. However, they trust smoking cessation programs or how to stop smoking books more than any simple solution. Many of them are pushing themselves into disputes and clashes, sometimes to commit wrongdoing, to get the necessary money for smoking! They spend most of their lives wondering "is it possible to stop smoking suddenly?" without achieving this goal!
       The strangest thing is that many smoking employees and professionals may not do their job if they can't smoke a cigarette. This often happens in institutions that offer direct services to the citizen! It also occurs in General Service Professions, where smokers may refuse to offer a servicehelp, or even a piece of advice, before smoking their first-morning cigarette! They even reject all tips to quit smoking trying to prove the opposite! While they become creative in generosity, after smoking their cigarette. Moreover, they may exaggerate to helping, tolerance, openness, why? When you discover this great secret, which's the easy way to stop smoking, you'll think of the positive change of smoking cessation! So, can you guess what is the most effective way to quit smoking?
Please, check a video at the bottom of this post, in which I read this exclusive topic in the English language and translate it into the Arabic language to help non-native English speakers to understand the English language and to help non-native Arabic speakers to understand the Arabic language! The main aim is to ease understandability

How to quit smoking using a rare cause of smoking addiction
How to quit smoking using a rare cause of smoking addiction

What's the secret of smoking addiction, and how to use it to quit smoking?

       The simplicity, difficulty, or impossibility of success in quitting smoking, or any other habit, is just an idea that we keep in mind, and the more we remember it, the more we focus on it to become the starting point. But it's a fragile base that leads the smoker into a path that's full of fragility..! So, logically speaking, the access point will be a failure, frustration, and enhancement of fragility..! The mind is the advisory body or the conference hall where decisions take place..! 

       Once you intend that you are unable to stay away from smoking, or from other bad habits, your subconscious mind believes you, and then forwards this message to your conscious mind for executionThey set an agreement to stimulate the brain, as well as the body, to start the process of secreting negative substances, which make you unable to resist. These substances (hormones, etc) may decorate this bad habit to become a source of pride for you.

       The reason most smokers suffer from psychological, physical, and financial difficulties, and why their relationship with their surroundings goes into deterioration, is the unhealthy belief that's rooted in the subconscious mind. This belief implies that nicotine has dominated them, and they will never be fine unless smoking a cigarette, or any substance used in smoking! So, do specialists and smokers ever think about how to quit smoking naturally? 

       Yes, nicotine contaminates the blood, and body, in general (and all chemicals do so), but it's not the main cause of smoking addictionIn addition, getting used to a habit makes abandoning as difficult, painful, and impossible, even if we use new techniques, like acupuncture to quit smokingQuitting smoking becomes harder when leisure time is longer, especially when there's a lack of social relationships. There are also those who consider smoking, and some other bad habits, as a complementary for the character, a symbol of excellence, sophistication, modernity, urbanization, etc! Hence, they fancy that quitting the habit may cause them to lose value, respect, and some delusional privileges..!

       But the real reason for addiction to smoking is optimal deep breathing, which provides optimal psychological comfort, how come? Most people and specialists know the great role of this therapeutic technique in treating bouts of nervous tension, Impaired focus, anorexia, etc. Many of them exercise it for self-control, control of nerves, and thus get a quiet self to reach clarity of thought! But few of them practice it perfectly, and therefore rarely get good results!

       What's magic is that most smokers apply deep breathing with perfect precision, but unconsciously. They don't know that because they didn't mean to do so, and they didn't plan for this particular goal. Thus, when they feel stressed they rush to smoke a cigarette, thinking it to be their savior from suffering. And day by day, the idea takes root in the subconscious mind to program the conscious mind (mutual programming between them), and the human body as a whole, on this equation to become a daily practice. Thus, it becomes impossible to quit smoking as far as we rarely think about how to stop smoking naturally.

       Therefore, the secret to smoking addiction is the physical and psychological comfort provided by well-practiced deep breathingThe reason for this positive effect is the spontaneous practice resulting from the smoker trying to be excellent in smoking, and seeking to enjoy praise when others describe him/her as excellence and skill mastering.

How to redirect deep breathing to meet smoking cessation?

       To take good advantage of this technique, which I consider as one of the best natural ways to quit smoking, smokers should master the equation without using the tool. It means that they should master deep breathing, as they used to do, spontaneously, in the past. But let's do that without resorting to the tool, i.e cigarette. I promise you it's an easy way to stop smoking.

a - Practice deep breathing regularly, three times a day, or more. 
b - Allocate 10 minutes for each session, to extend through serious training and repetition. 
c - Nothing's impossible! Everything's possible when you believe, try, experiment, and keep up practicing for 19 days, and more..!

But before that, it's worth applying these smoking cessation guidelines to prepare an appropriate ground to embrace positive change:

1 - Try to clean your mind (the subconscious mind) from accumulated false ideas or logical fallacies such as:

a - I can't stop smoking because nicotine runs in my blood.
b - When I don't smoke, I lose my self-control.
c - When I smoke I get rid of stress and nervousness, and I feel unrivaled happiness.
d - When I'm happy I feel the need to smoke to promote this mental state and to extend its duration. So, do we really think about how to stop smoking cigarettes?

2 - All these arguments and justifications are logical fallaciesmisconceptions, and false beliefs, entrenched in the subconscious to become illusionary pretexts to keep smoking. It's more right to replace them with healthy and valid ideas, and the most important is to convince yourself with the certainty of successThe internal dialogue or self-dialogue is very useful to learn how to stop smoking immediately.

a - I'm able of giving up smoking. I believe that my mind, will, and determination are greater than the effect of nicotine.
b - When I smoke I drop into a vortex of stress that throws me into difficult psychological troubles, which potentially will cause me serious organic diseases. I feel as if I'm an EDP (emotionally disturbed person).
c - When I smoke I get tired, dizzy, fatigued, lose appetite, insomniahallucination, etc!
d - If I smoke, when I'm happy, I lose my happiness, and if I do that, while nervous, I aggravate my situation.

3 - Reduce or forget about the habit of sitting in a cafe, because it contributes to the dilemma of addiction to smokingEven if you are a non-smoker, you will absorb a huge mixture of germs and microbes, which will cause you serious health damage. There's a high possibility that it will, psychologically, affect you, and thus your unconscious mind will lead you to start smokingEspecially for women who don't know how to stop smoking while pregnant, it's recommended to avoid a coffee shop addiction to stay safe.

4 - Avoid late sleep and late wake-up to get a clean mind to think about the advantages of stopping smoking.

5 - Fill your free time through reading, writing, exercising, etc to keep your mind and body busy.

6 - Fast regularly, two days a week, but let's do it spiritually more than physically. You can do more to get more health benefits if you want.

What are the Strategies to Stop Smoking?

       Thus, we have arranged the right conditions for the best way to stop smoking. We have done a redirection of the secret of smoking addiction, which's "deep breathing" to become the best solution for success in ceasing smoking

       It's also important to activate your cognitive skills to help master self-healing skills. We should know that neglecting or underestimating one of them may adversely affect the desired results.

       Another keyword to help to quit smoking is to remind smoking-related diseases, like impotence (Erectile Dysfunction "E.D") and Frigidity, Infertility, Premature aging, and so on. It's also important to think about dystocia, abortion (miscarriage), cesarean section, etc, that pregnant women are exposed to. Besides birth defects, mental and physical disabilities that the fetus and the baby may suffer from. But, how to think big to save the universe, which's certainly everybody's duty that starts and depends mostly on women to know how to stop smoking while pregnant! We should know that the establishment of a successful community depends on the formation of a collective consciousness that begins in the woman's womb.

      It's easy to stop smoking now, and it doesn't need a strong will or determination..! Nothing makes smoking cessation controversial except believing in misconceptions, logical fallacies, and surrendering to ready-made judgments..! All we need to decrypt the smoking phenomenon is to change the mental links by correcting the negative convictions, stored in the subconscious mind. We can strengthen immunitykeep up a healthy mind, cure incurable diseases, and get rid of bad habits, applying a great recipe called "learning and seeking knowledge".

       It's evident that our mind, thought, self, imagination, reflection, meditation, intention, insight, etc are basic components that work together to shape the human body..! We know that most diseases originate from psycho-emotional disorders. They undergo the laws of aggravation, accumulation, sedimentation, reproduction.., to become organic diseases..! The reason these disorders become intractable is that the therapist focuses on approaching the visible symptoms and often omits or ignores the main causes of the disease.

       Let's always remember this great wisdom: "Illusion is half of the disease, and reassurance is half of the medicine, but patience is the first step to healing"!

In this video, I read this exclusive topic in the English language and translate it into the Arabic language to help non-native English speakers to understand the English language and to help non-native Arabic speakers to understand the Arabic language! The main aim is to ease understandability.

To read in the Arabic language, please click here
I hope to meet the expectations of every reader, and I welcome your comments, inquiries, and advice, to continue learning and creativity!
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