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How to save the universe in cogent bets

How to save the universe in cogent bets

          Due to the worldwide scientific progress, we are in need to share a parallel universe safety culture! We should optimize the universal protection system by adopting new cogent bets to save the universe! Moreover, we need to create new techniques to save environmental gifts! We should prepare an eligible atmosphere for all creatures to live in security, peace, and harmony! Could you believe that any great change is an outcome of simple bets?! May mine and yours create compliant law of attraction, as effectual bets to save the planet (the earth)!? Could we think of particular insurance to save life on the universe? This initiative will be a pursuit for a gradual positive effect to make an effective change that serves the universe's stability?! 

How to save the universe in cogent bets
How to save the universe in cogent bets

How to develop an environment safety culture by bet on the power of the subconscious mind

       We should understand that all changes, that happen in the universe case system, have roots in each individual bets, actions, and habits! They are the logical result of human beings' actions and reactions! So, everyone is responsible to find how to adopt a global safety culture! Even illiterate people should search for simple bets to meet world safety! It's clear that the best keyword for world safety is human behavior! We should redirect our actions towards public interest bet! We should fix our habits and learn how to save the world from such undesirable effects! We need to bear in mind that all creatures produce common interactive energy that meets as a kind of attractive energy to shape the universe state!

       We do not have to impose orders, but if you and I look for the best subconscious mind training, we will surely meet great success on how to keep up the natural consistency of the planets! This training, simply, is the positive thinking and the win/win relationship! I think these values are the best universal security refresher but how come?! We should recognize that we are living in this world for a sacred purpose, which's the provision of services! People who focus, only, on personal interest, are deeply misdirected! They can reach the point of causing unwanted effects on the natural sequence of universe functions! Here, we can touch the great role of the two previous general conditions of success!
       If they come to decrypt the public interest code, through the positive thinking and the win/win relationship, they will meet their own interest, as well as! But to meet an ideal intellectual safety, we should take some great issues into consideration! We all know that we get energy from nutrition (both physical and moral one) as being one of the basics of human resources protection! That's why we are in need of healthy food to develop human awareness and promote human behavior! This will help select effective bets to rationalize environmental exploitation and then save the cosmic resources!

       As wise adults, who invent great bets to meet environmental safety, it's easy for us to protect the universe! All we need is to think of an early environment checkup to expect the consequences of our actions and behaviors! Then, let's wonder if we accept others to do like! In order to upgrade environmental awareness about how to conserve energy, we need to look for affordable solutions! We need to focus more on how to develop renewable energy! But what about children, the future world safety makers!

How to keep the universe safety through child protection bet            

       As concerned and experts, we have a double-job mission to fulfill! We should protect the coming generation from our errors' effects! We often deviate from the proper approach to nature, but we should help them avoid repeating the same mistakes! We should redress a systematic approach to earth safety and make it useful for our children! They can use it as a proactive strategy to keep the universe!

1 - Parents need to learn, first, about family education to succeed in creating a proper environment for the coming children! There are many kinds of parenting books to read, especially books about social issues! If they are illiterate they can get diverse books on tape to save time and effort! Then, they should acquire practical bets on how to keep the environment safe! They should support their children to save and develop what they have arranged!

2 - Parts, that are concerned with school education, should embed the culture of preserving the environment in their school programs and curricula! but they should adopt it, first, as an intellectual method to help pupils absorb it and apply it with full conviction! They should assign sufficient school green spaces, where there's enough space for practical school workshops! They should offer equipment for training on real bets to preserve the environment! Spaces where students can practice applied nature conservation techniques to serve within the case of excessive pollution!

       Today, there's a great need to customize a spacious school library! We should provide it with children's books, environment books, adventure booksnature booksstory-books for kids!  Let's focus on proper books for the schooling level that focus on the protection of the universe! A space for environmental thought development, like that, should contain the latest technical types of equipment! So, pupils can keep a connection to the internet network, and have easy access to some online schools for education! Besides, they can get new information about environmental safetyTeachers should help students get in contact with accredited online classes, and search for affordable possibilities to sign up for an online school! Hence, they develop an open rich mind that can perceive and analyze the value of a well-structured environment security culture, in general!

       We should take into consideration an important segment of society! It's, instinctively and unconditionally,  a well-productive and environmentally conservative community class! This class is kids with special needsThe level of interest, that any nation concerns this category with, is the most important criterion for social advancement! We should give them special education! We should expand it to include special needs teacher schooling! All that helps develop the best techniques, strategies, and effective bets to take care of the universe!

How to know your universe protection aware ranking

       To get an inspiring rank, as an environmental safety expert, try to wonder about these queries:
1 - How do you save the environmental resources you own,  potable water, electricity, food, gas energy?! How do you use your bathroom?! Do you save energy?! Are you a part of class exempt? Do you enjoy exemption from the performance of the cost of consumption bills! Whoever don't! But, how do you behave towards the sources you own? Do you adopt a positive philosophy about energy consumption?! How do you exploit the public energy that's available to all? What are your decisions about the private energy that other people own?! Have you ever thought about how to rationalize energy use?! Surely you take deep care about your private surrounding garden! But? what are your reactions towards the outside green spaces?! Do you protect them? Do you save them from undesirable effects?!

2 - How do you save the workplace environment?! Do you save energy, tools, as if they are yours?! Do you use or take pieces of equipment home with your boss's permission?!

3 - How do you save the street?! Do you spit wherever you want?! So, let's think about the negative effects you cause to the invisible natural creatures (insects, etc)! Think of a little child who drops a piece of candy from his hand, and picks it up full with your spit! Do you like him/her to eat it? Do you appreciate that for yourself?!

4 - Do you keep the street clean? Do you randomly throw the waste thinking "the street is already unclean"? Do you prove that, saying; "There are hygiene workers who must do their job"!? In fact, in some ethically civilized countries, they call them "hygiene engineers"! I agree about that as far as they do a sacred environment mission!

       Certainly, there are useful technologies for environment maintenance and safety conservation like the renewal energy bets (solar, wind.., energy)! However, we should think smart and insightful to set well-done planning for sustainable universe protection! In addition, we should connect it with rationalized bets execution! Then, we should assess it in a proper way

       In my opinion, the best bet to keep universal safety is to adopt a universe preservation healthy culture! This depends on subconscious mind programming as a redirection towards good deeds! That's how we can prepare the future generation (children) to become, intrinsically, the best universe protectors and rescuers

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