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Do's And Don'ts To Get English Mastering Skills (2021)

Do's And Don'ts To Get English Mastering Skills (2021)

Do you want to master the English language in serious steps following smart learning methods? In fact, there're thousands of recommendations and advice to succeed in learning English but few people take advantage of English proficiency, why? First, we often fail to choose the right ones, and secondly, if we select the best of we fail to apply them in a serious way! Sometimes we succeed in applying them but get tired in the first step! So, in this tutorial, I'll discuss some fruitful golden recommendations that no one has talked about before!

What misconceptions prevent mastery of the English language?

The first misconception is: English is a difficult language, and it's hard to master!

The second misconception is: You must think in English to master the English language!

The third misconception is: To master the English language you should avoid translating from/to the native language!

What are the secrets of mastering the English language, that no one talked about before?

1 - You should master your native language to master the English language!

2 - To master the English language, it's important to study Arabic and master it, regardless of your mother tongue or your native language!

The effect of mastering the Arabic language on mastering the English language, or any other foreign language, is better than the effect of driving mastery of a bicycle on the mastery of driving a motorcycle, car, bus, plane, etc. It's better than the effect of mastery of swimming on mastery of water sports and all other sports!

What are the five habits of the people, the most mastering of the English language? 

1 - Combining English learning with having fun, away from all psychological pressures, whatever the goal is!

2 - Diligence and persistence but avoiding haste, whatever the goal is!

3 - Perseverance and discipline, and emphasis on quality avoiding filling methodology and quantum culture!

4 - Allocating a paper memo and electronic memo to save the information, no matter how simple or secondary it seems to you!

5 - After reaching advanced levels in the study of the English language, you can build a pattern of thinking in English and use translation in standardized scientific methods.

What are the benefits of the five habits of people mastering the English language?

1 - Achieve proficiency in Arabicproficiency in English, and any other foreign language, as well as any skill in general!

2 - Keeping information in the memory for as long as possible!

3 - Ability to remember the information as quickly as possible!

4 - Building self-confidence and courage, taking the initiative in dialogue in the English language, and being creative in speaking without feeling stressed!

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I hope to meet the expectations of every reader, and I welcome your commentsinquiries, and advice, to continue learning and creativity!

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