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How far can fallacies (paralogism) redirect human life

How far can fallacies (paralogism) redirect human life

           As you know, fallacies and paralogism have, about, the same meaning, which's mistaken beliefs, failure in reasoning, illogical reasoning! Something that appears superficially logical or the receiver believes it as if logical! In general, there are two causes of popular logical fallacies birth and prevalence! They are the source of hasty generalization roots! They are misinformation and lack of information! In fact, ethical fallacies are the biggest disorder that begins as simple misinformation! Step by step, it grows to become a belief, then a conviction causing a deep negative change that ruins human life! But the strange paradox is that we rarely discern that these fancies, we believe in, are the real reason behind this ruin!

How far can fallacies (paralogism) redirect human life
How far can fallacies (paralogism) redirect human life

A short recommendation note for dear readers

       NB: Can you guess what's the content of this photo? Is it confusing? Do you feel any kind of illusion?! In order not to fall in the fallacious reasoning trap, here are three stages you can follow! They help decrypt the misconception, and are: " Wonderscrutinize and then check"!

       Before reading this privacy policy, I want you to switch all your mind lamps on! I want you to keep on the exclusive content of these article series, talking about the fallacious thinking! I swear it's the outcome of my personal diligence of several years of studies, research, and analysisIf it seems strange to you, be sure that's because of the inherited misconceptions that are deeply entrenched in the subconscious mind! So, take a deep breath, get concentrated, and let's think inductive and proactive!

          To succeed in login and to decipher any suspicion, I want you to use a mind's cleaning template to remove all previous misconceptions installed files! Then, you can download and install this priceless moral free copyright application (figuratively) called "the common sense"! You can add it to your mind's browser extensionsIt's the best antivirus at all! It's enhanced with naturally developed mind's master tools and misconception correcting tools! Two tools that enable you to protect your mind's account from false argument attacks, using a regular online checking process! This checking system edits, detects, removes, deletes, disables and closes any misconception offsides: Dazzle, dependency, halo effect (the aura of effect)! Moreover, the Common Sense (anti-delusion) application provides you with a highly developed software program! It performs the role of an automatic setting updater for your entire body immune system! It will give you regular feedback, and a holistic history for all your mind activities! Moreover, it helps you reach an advanced thought index, and then get a better mind's sophistication ranking!

NB: The moral Common sense application works well with most of the illiterate people, as far as they keep up their pure mind raw materials! That's why we often feel surprised when an illiterate person quickly rejects all kinds of logical fallacies practice; while a highly educated one is sinking in (the tautology problem)!

What are the reasons behind the birth and prevalence of fallacies 

1 - Misinformation: when some persons, in higher scientific rank but with flawed logic and weak knowledge, randomly publish new information without deep research, they produce slippery slope fallacy! They create a difficult illusory culture, that will spread easily and last for a long time, leaving many misconceptions behind! Why, because limited knowledge people can't decipher the halo effect, coming from trusted parts like doctors, researchers, teachers, educators.. (some of them)! It's up to arrogance and poor formation that these trusted scientific persons avoid admitting their limitations! Hence, they throw any random misconception conclusion that, easily, spreads as logical fallacies!

2 - Lack of information: When illiteracy prevails in some societies, it becomes hard to detect or decipher such misconceptions, coming from these trusted scientific persons! The fact that becomes harder when ignorance spreads among educated people! Ignorant people often fell victim to dazzles, dependency, etc! They have fragile immunity that renders them vulnerable to any negative influence! This happens, mostly, when they live in an environment full of sources that deliver logical fallacies information!

What are the consequences and solutions of the everyday fallacies prevalence

         It's clear that many real-life examples of fallacies, even small details, produce many difficulties, sufferings, diseases, poverty, conflicts, underdevelopment, troubles! How can a person, who believes in illogical things, become a proactive person, or let's say just a productive person!? We should look for an education system that focuses on the human capital "The Learner"! This is the best way to teach skills that enable anyone to detect and reject any type of bluffing! Moreover, it helps to avoid producing or republishing any trickery information!  We should develop all media and social media tools to deliver purposive content, and get rid of some kinds of famous logical fallaciesWe should learn more and more about pedagogy, healthy nutrition, neurologypsychology, physiognomy, etc! We should know about the subconscious mind faculties! That is how to live in action, and not in reaction!

         To keep away from all kinds of misconceptions, try to avoid being a victim of dazzle, dependency, the aura of effect! All you can do is to activate the common sense, whatever your education level is, even if illiterate..! try to wonder about the common thoughts, whatever the information source is! Try to scrutinize any new ideas! Then, try to check the validity degree of any news! Each time you do that you will get better results! There are two seeds that nourish fallacies and illusions; the blind belief and consumer thought!

NB: This mirror photo describes how fallacies can impact the subconscious mind! In order to decrypt the fallacies, here is a brief explanation for the three stages! They help to update the common sense faculties :
1 - It is normal to get confused in the first stage, so here you can wonder about any false argument!
2 - The first task enables you to scrutinize and distinguish argument from fallacy!
3 - The two stages will allow you to check the fallacious statement and get the truth!
   In the next articles, I will write about some informal fallacies that are nesting in socialscientific, and religious fields, besides other genetic fallacy examples!

PS: I have chosen to include a mirror content photo in this article, as far as a mirror can never show the reality! I think it's the relevant representative of fallacies!

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