How can nutrition be a source for both safety and disease

       All human beings depend on daily nutritional values to stay alive and to grow up naturally! Fortunately, nowadays, we are living great scientific and technical renaissance that can help us set the relevant healthy nutrition system..! But we note the existence of another parallel height; diseases, illnesses, troubles, handicap, disabilities..! So, how can food and our nutrition habits be both a ship to safety and a pathway to destruction?!
How can nutrition be a source for both safety and disease
How can nutrition be a source for both safety and disease

What are the basic roles of nutrition practices in life

          All living creatures are instinctively interested in good health and are looking for good and healthy nutriment by choosing good food, right combined meal, right nutrients, relevant nutrient content..! But even if they set a safety end they commit big mistakes that lead to all kinds of disaster because of two things; Lack of information and misinformation (paralogism)..!

         They use unhealthy methods to combine some food, they live on some bad nutritive habits, they eat industrialized food thinking that is the best, they use industrialized cosmetic products, they can drink and/or sleep right after a meal..! They get sick, they die.., they can know the source is " the types of food and nutritive system " but rarely they take concrete initiatives towards changing some habits, staying away from some products, even they can't follow a natural nutritive system..!

How do difficulties, illness, disease.. become strengthened

        There is a strange prevailing misinformation people believe intrinsically in and which becomes in the form of a scientific theory or let's say impressions, perceptions, guesses, estimates..! The fact is that most of the health concerned parts, if not all, don't know neither about nutrition index nor about the interaction between all the human body systems and aspects, they don't study these subjects at the university..So they can't advise people what kind of healthy food to choose because they know nothing about the nutrition guide; moreover, some of them try to convince people, having some illnesses, to eat the industrialized food to make a balance in their needs..! 

          As you know, when we get such information from a specialized or trusted part we apply it quickly..! Moreover, when they can't do a successful disease diagnose, they slap you with destructive misinformation saying 'you have a genetic disease or you are a victim of infection'! Do you believe that? How do they come to such a destructive conclusion? Do they really know about nutrition science..?!

How to cure and heal disease, illness, and difficulties

           We have to bear in mind that all difficulties come from nutrition; types, systems, habits..! There are no genetic diseases or infection, that is just a random justification for default and weak knowledge..! Is it equitable that a grandfather who has committed big mistakes and has got a difficult disease passes his disease to his sons and grandsons!? Is it logical that you get a difficult disease just by sitting nearer to a sick man!? What dangerous fallacies (paralogism) they are publishing! They plant discords and isolation, they contribute to the aggravation of the patient's state..! To protect your self from being a victim of ignorance, try to learn, read, look for health nutrition websites to optimize your knowledge as far your habits..!

            When you focus on a healthy nutritive system, all your body systems and aspects grow from better to the best as far as the colon nerve (IBS) is safe! Otherwise, you can get all kinds of sufferings and the fact of taking medicines can help no good rather it makes it worst! Even when you feel ill don't hurry to take medicines, try to think deeply about the nutritional value of foods and surely you will determine the source of the problem! But the best is to think of that before getting sick, try to be self-determined when it comes to nutrition practices..!
          Be aware of some misinformation saying; there is no natural alternative to depend on as a real calorific value of food,  and advise people not to be so fanatic, they also say that all existing natural vegetables, fruits, and cereals are either genetically modified or treated with pesticides..! Because when you honestly care (even 50%) about your health; which is normally Allah's (our creator) Deposit between your hands, be totally sure that Allah is going to complete the rest 50% and more..!

           But when you let down and live randomly, Allah will let you for your choice and will not take you from your hand to the right thing as far as Allah has given you the greatest thing at all " the mind " besides others important things! In life, we are able and allowed to choose our type of nutrition guidelines, clothing, the way of living.., so we are the only responsible for the results; no use of blame or crying..! 
Am I right? I welcome your opinions, suggestions, and advice!
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