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How to upgrade the school education

How to upgrade the school education

           School education is the best insurance, forever! Due to the quick human evolution,  we are in a persistent need to upgrade school education! It's worth starting, first, by expanding education for all that should cover all villages and remote areas! Then, we can reevaluate the educational resources to become reality compliant! And, finally (the most important),   we can work on how to optimize the teacher training! So, do you think that a good reconsidering for the student-teacher rapport can make positive changes?!

How to upgrade the school education
How to upgrade the school education

How to adopt a comprehensive reformed vision of education

    1 - How to upgrade family life: A successful inclusive education begins in the first preschool world "home"; the basic building block (BBB)! Then, it grows up after joining the schooling institutes! So, parents should become aware of their children's right to education! Moreover, they should learn about the psychology of marital relationships to prepare a warm nest for their coming children! Besides, they should learn about education, especially child psychology to shape an effective citizen! It's good for parents to do that even if they are not educated! Nowadays, there are multiple opportunities, through diverse media, for interested people to upgrade knowledge! As you know, early childhood education is the starting off point that can shape a whole future citizen's life! So, there's no excuse for lack of accessibility!

      2 - How to optimize preschool life: This typical school period requires available teachers, with particular preschool education skills! The fact that qualifies them to treat pupils, both as little children, and as mature persons! It's clear that effective educators should have a qualifying childhood education degree! Here, we should focus on the entertainment aspect that demands good skills in the pedagogy of play! So, do you think that educational toys for children help develop pupil's cognitive skills!

   3 - How to universalize a comprehensive school: All community components should work on how to offer integrated learning opportunities to all children, who attend the school-age! They should have a long-term vision to think about village schools! Let's focus on girls who get deprived of school, and on children who have no learning access! Then, when they reach fourteen years old they get surprised by a new school building in their towns! Let's think about other ones, who stop continuing education because they can't or don't find where to do so!

       4 - How to upgrade the school programs and curricula: The best way to set relevant books and school supplies is to bear in mind that we're dealing with young learners, and not with our mature persons! So, let's think about well-structured student-centered learning! Let's work on how to optimize an online education to become easy fruitful access to different students' levels!

How to upgrade student-teacher rapport 

           In order to meet a great goal, like, that we have to think, first, about:
       1 - How to upgrade financial conditions for trainees and practitioner educators: Surely you agree that teaching job is the hardest career, forever, that demands great mental and physical efforts! You work on school content, on classroom management, on rioting management, in preparation for the inspector evaluating process! A job like this merits high care! It's, first, a fertile investment, to which we should give crucial priority if we really want to create a school of success!

       2 - How to upgrade effective teaching skills: It's good to look for compliant teacher training! A leading training that enables teachers to keep pace with modern teaching technology tools, and helps them get updated knowledge! Moreover, we have to develop the teaching methods and strategies to create the best of interactive learning!
        3 - How to upgrade teacher-parents rapport: I think this is one of the most important basics of a successful school, why? Because a successful learner's pathway depends on the type of relationship that links these two basic components! Moreover, this relationship is an essential student-teacher rapport creator that shapes the learner's approach to the teaching process

        The pedagogues recommend that parents should give up with some negative behaviors! They should get rid of "it is my child"! They should avoid accusing teachers of their children's low results! Teachers, too, should learn how to engage in successful communication with parents! Besides, they should give up with undesirable old punishment methods! Parents, teachers, administrators, investors, politicians, need to think smart and insightful to work for the benefits of both learner and educator (teacher)! Let's think of setting an ideal school education that can upgrade the worldwide development!

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