How does insurance protect property and owner

         A short glance on the history of insurance shows that it has appeared to existence many decades ago, under the name of bottomry contracts, among the merchants of Babylon..! In fact, its main purpose is to afford protection facing the risk of loss..! And when that happens, it is supposed that insurer manages the risk to achieve a logic risk assessment that can help ensure a compliant indemnification for the victim..! It is an agreement between the insurer and the insured, where the insurance company vows to compensate the insured for certain types of loss, issuing from the risks that are noted in the insurance contract they agreed upon..!

 How does insurance protect property and owner
 How does insurance protect property and owner

How do insurance companies perform

       It is evident that the two concerned parts are basing their main engagement of insurance coverage on the golden coin 'trust'..! The companies trust their clients to "practice safe stuff", which means to be careful about the home energy exploit, to be vigilant in the road, to care about properties and projects..! On the other hand, the insured person trusts them to provide help while an eventual risk happens, either he/she is a victim of a loss, or he/she's the cause of a loss for someone else..!

         Of course, there is a couple of laws and rules that govern these companies and help them keep their promises; and if they don't meet the standards, they will be subject to a court judgment due to their negligence or failure..! Therefore, we note that big companies employ agents and brokers to help achieve better performance:

1The agent: The employer who guides clients to select insurance policy types that comply with their needs..! I can summarize the responsibilities of this job in providing global consumer support, but in a friendly way..! And the agent represents, only, one company..!

2-  The broker: An employer who represents the insurance buyer (the insured) and works on clarifying the expected risks for the client, defining the right things to be insured, and delivering bits of advice about how to manage risks..! The two employers work as intermediaries between the client and the insurers to help deliver better quality products..!

How understanding insurance is important

       The most popular types of insurance are life/personal, travel, health, home, fire, property, marine, liability, guarantee, social, and motor/auto insurance..! However, it is crucial to have early coverage that is relevant to your needs and budget so as to safeguard your life and that of your family members..!

       Nowadays, everything has become accessible thanks to the internet that is making life better and easier..! For example, if you want to prepare yourself for any unexpected serious disease risk, then come to guarantee a good compensation for medical treatment, you should browse the internet to know more about health insurance online..! Therefore, you will discover the best payment strategies for the best products that can be your best supporter while the loss happens..!
      If you need to use a car, or any other machine, for some activities, it is worth looking, on the internet, for the best ways to protect yourself, your properties, and other people against any surprising risk..! Meanwhile, you can have an online quotation car insurance.., besides the right information that can help you ensure entire protection against any accident risk, especially death due to accidents..! And so forth for the rest..!

        The insuring agreements can't stop the danger but it is an urgent necessity as far as the disaster can strike at any time..! So, it is, seriously, recommended to protect yourself, your family members, and your properties against future risks, and then you will merit to be reimbursed by a compliant compensation for losses, after disaster..!

I welcome your opinions, suggestions, and advice.., so I can continue learning and creating..!
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