How to invest an effectual health checkup

       We often hear or apply an early health checkup but rarely we get advantages, firstly because we mostly ignore the right health checkup time, secondly we do not conduct an early thorough examination and thirdly  because we do not really care about, so we quickly forget about the undesirable results as if we are not convinced by its degree of scrutiny ..! But I think that we don't mind doing a preventive health checkup when we are in peace with our body in general so as to live in harmony with our systems and aspects, then look ahead for a better quality of life standards..! We wait until the great calamity come down on us and then we hurry up testing whatever analysis, evaluation, assessment..! And the worst is that we do half work, we don't do a comprehensive health checkup that covers all physical and moral components of our bodies..! We often focus only on the physical test but there are other important moral body components that need general safety evaluation..? 
How to invest an effectual health checkup
How to invest an effectual health checkup

What are the best keywords for an effective early health checkup

        Most people don't care about the essential early health checkup roles, they work hard convincing themselves they are, and their children too, on the eternal survival coast..! They don't believe that one day they will get hardly sick even if they can be aware of their diverse daily mistakes..!  So, here we can talk neither about a follow-up nor any kind of regular health checkup..! And if they do, they don't try to use open, wide and fruitful tools and resources that can help them jump to the safe land, but they limit their concern on a bounded physical examination that is done on some limited body systems or just some counted organs they think are more valuable than the rest..! They are far concerned by the social prestige more than doing an executive check-up for their own state of being..! They feel so proud of getting their personal medical checkup package that can be, most of the time, full of negative results..! However, they don't optimize their errors and default rather they consider the medical test as a symbol of excellence; they render it as elite talk rich tips..!

       1- The psychological early health checkup: To keep safe for a long lifetime, we should think deeply about this crucial test..! But let's be smart and insightful not to be concerned only with medical assessment, rather you should learn how to demystify your daily defies by practicing a psychological early self-checkup.., how? I don't advise you to make a self-analysis, because there is a higher probability to fall in a misinterpretation trap, but I can recommend you a relevant full body test tool which is to admit that you are the only direct cause for your present state of being..! If you come to acknowledge your past mistakes; and whoever doesn't; be sure you get the right solution keyword..! All you should do is a kind of preview on your previous habits as well as your information sourcesidentify the imbalance then try to update your thoughts and impressions to become upgradedlogical, and more matched to the righteousness..! Do you believe that most of, if not all, organic disorders come from psychological troubles..?!

      2- The emotional early health checkup: Here, where a good basic early health checkup test should be applied.., and as you know no medical test can diagnose your feelings and sensations..! Firstly because they are invisible for whatever the testing machine is, and secondly because they have diverse complicated roots and resources that are hard to define..! Do you recognize that so many people lose their way because of the big emotional gap that surely needs an urgent emotional early  self-checkup..! I guess that the vision becomes now clear for you about why I am so interested in the fact that the first aid and the urgent intervention should be done personally, but how and what is the relevant executive medical assessment that can help tackling this situation?!

        As I mentioned before, try to activate your self-censorship to succeed in planning and applying a holistic moral survey..! If in pain, sufferings, stress, failure.., try to recognize your own shortening on the social level and you will discover that you are not in good terms with your family members as well as your neighbors,  you don't visit your relatives..! Your best tool here is to promote your social early overall wellness test so as to avoid difficult side-effects that become real organic diseases..! 

      3- The spiritual early health checkup: At this level, things progress to be more serious and the immediate and deliberate intervention becomes an urgent need..! Here too, there is no medical examination to sit for nor any folk remedies to try but only your personal spiritual early self-checkup can be your own lifeline that will save you from the sea of loss..! Let's think about this equation: If you don't live in great unlimited happiness and you don't get everything you want, you should check one or all of these three options:
   a- You practice nothing related to spirituality..!
   b- You practice but in the wrong way..!
   c- You get your spiritual knowledge from non-credible sources..! Moreover, there are two reasons for all life troubles; misinterpretation and lack of information..! So we should apply regular checking following these stages: wonder, scrutinize and check out any every information whatever the source is..!

      4- nutrition's early health checkup: As you know, most of the health problems have as roots: The unhealthy nutrition and the unhealthy nutritive system..! We have to scrutinize the food quality, we have to change or optimize our undesirable eating habits.., why? Because any error in this level will cause big harm for the IBS and, as result, we get negative effects on the central nervous system that affects, negatively, the entire human body systems and aspects..! 

        There are two types of food; the one you eat and the other one that eats you..! Some people say that there is no alternative which, in fact, is not the truth, but they just try to justify their addiction to such kind of food..! So it is not a shame to make deep scrutiny for any meal you want to eat because when it gets in your dear body there will be no use of cry over spilled milk..! Diseases are expected and healing is required but prevention is better than cure..!

How to create a consistent comprehensive early health checkup

         Surely, the ideal holistic early health checkup is the one that effectively makes a harmonious combination between all these aspects as far each one of them affects and get affected on..! Any negligence or neglect for any one of them will cause undesirable consequences.., such as table legs, in the absence of one of them the table loses its balance..! It is easy to apply an affordable early health checkup by creating a natural equilibrium between all previous important elements and you will get great tangible positive change..! I am not asking you to be perfect, what I am not in fact, but a percentage of 50% each is better than 90% in one level and the rest 20% or even less..! How to do that is too simple,  all you can do is to live a simple life; know that we are created in this universe for a great goal which is to serve each other..! 

        Every night, when you want to sleep, try to do a special business check-up self-review; ask your self " what kind of help I have presented today for people in need of?", " how many persons have asked me for special help and did I give them the relevant one? ", " have I been in peace with persons who dislike what I do or dislike me personally?"! The more you give, help, share, advise, cooperate, teach.., the more you optimize your life..! We derive the real lasting self-satisfaction from the unconditioned giving and not from the obsessive greed..!

I welcome your opinions, suggestions, and advice..!
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