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How to teach the reading and writing skills

How to teach the reading and writing skills       

       Language plays a crucial role in developing human abilities since it's the major means to communicate effectively in a target situation. When teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), the learners need to master the four skills of language learning; Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing! Mastering these skills helps to meet a high level of abilities in receiving and producing the target language, in its oral and written formsMeeting this aim depends on the types of teaching skills we set! However, let's focus on how to teach the reading and writing skills to the 2nd baccalaureate, in Morocco?!

How to teach the reading and writing skills
How to teach the reading and writing skills

importance of four language skills

         It's worth decrypting the value of the Four language skills! This's the keyword that helps improve teaching the four skills of the English language! Moreover, it's an important support to set up the school of success.
          For this reason, effective teachers should know about important skills for teachers! They should know and apply what's mentioned in the teacher skills list! They should effectively teach the Four language skills! They should invest them in a way that helps students meet the standards we set for them, and develop their communicative competences, gradually. This encompasses listening and speaking; these two skills are highly interrelated and work simultaneously in real-life situations.

        So, a good integration of the two skills aims at fostering effective oral communication. This integration will assure real-life and purposeful communication. Reading and writing form a strong relationship with each other as skills. They are tools for achieving effective written communication.

       Students need opportunities to develop Four language skills, even if most of them meet difficulties in speaking and writing as productive skills! They consider them as the main skills they should improve, though language often involves the use of all four skills.

How to teach the reading and writing skills to 2nd baccalaureate, in Morocco

          It’s important to bear in mind that the four skills of language learning never stand out as separate areas but they form a chain cycle! When you break one ring of the chain, the chain will collapse. Thus, it's so much imperative to understand the Four language skills and give them a consistent effort when teaching! Of course, there are some skills that a teacher should have to meet this aim! Then, surely the results will be astonishing! Thus, we will upgrade the school education!

        For the sake of improving the four language skills, I’m going to focus on reading and writing skills! The reasons are that reading is a receptive skill, and writing is a productive skill. Besides, Moroccan students, as well as any other non-native English learners, face many difficulties in how to build a purposeful reading and how to produce well-organized writingTherefore, Moroccan students will be more flexible to invest in self-learning!

         This is the research I've done at the end of the training period at an English Teachers Training Institute! In this research, I've discussed some modern pedagogical methods and techniques! I've included the names of references and sources that I've used to carry out this humble educational work! 

          There's some difference between the original one and the one I've embedded in this video! Here are the reasons:

1 - During my teaching formation (Nov 2017 to June 2018), I do have no idea about Grammar correction tools
2 - When I started blogging, in August 2018, I got in contact with some good Grammar correction tools online!
3 - For the sake of being at the level of whoever cares, I decided to correct some mistakes and misplaced punctuations!

To know more, you can watch this video!

I welcome your comments, suggestions, and advice, so I can continue learning and creating!
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