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How can the school of success be a great challenge

How can the school of success be a great challenge

             Most of the education authorities are looking for the school of success! A leading institution that can graduate effective citizens who can make a tangible change! So, we should redirect the focus towards the human capital "The learner"! To succeed in, we need to own a certain appreciation for learners and love for children, in general! It's recommended that these values exist in everyone's thoughts! They are real insurance basics to make a proactive citizen!

How can the school of success be a great challenge
How can the school of success be a great challenge

What is the role of the school in life

           The education, in general, and the school of success, in particular, are the most important pillars to realize an ideal development, at all levels! That's why we need to care about the strategies we approach, and the decisions we make! The development test focuses on how far we respect the standards of the school of success! Because when we have a model one we can reach the goals we set!

        There's a great difference between three persons! 
1 - The one who has never joined the school
2 - The one who has joined an ordinary school
3 - And the one who has joined a model school of success
     We can touch the difference in their way of thinking, acting, reacting, living, sharing, initiating! In fact, successful education should work on human capital! How? By establishing positive thinking, win/win relationship, open mentality, effectiveness!

What are the general basics for School of success

          To succeed in creating a leading school of success, the education professionals say that we should apply the new discoveries! I mean new teaching and learning theories, methodologies, pedagogics, strategies, techniques! On the other hand, most investors in education give great interest to the beauty of appearance, only! They try, also, to convince wanted subscribers by setting higher prices of registration and studyingBut, in my opinion, all parts should think, first, about human capital, which's the learner! And then, all good rewards will come by the way! I really prefer what I called "the four didactic square" that includes:

1 - Multiple Intelligences theory: As a teacher, try to think as being the only responsible for the school of success creation, how?!
a - Avoid excluding, dismissing or throwing hard-shocking ready judgments (stupid, underdeveloped, etc) on a student, who can't do well in your class!
b - Avoid making a comparison between learners!
c - Be careful not to fall in the excessive attention towards some students than others! 
d - That's mean: You have to believe in each learner's multiple intelligences!
2 - Differentiated Instruction: As a teacher, it is more beneficial, for you and learners, to divide your learners into small groups! You can set Ideal groups depending on each one's abilities, competencies, skills, etc! Then, give each group its relevant task!

       Effective teachers, who are longing for the birth of school of success, have to believe in Differentiated Instruction! They should pay attention to social, physical, and mental differences between learners!

3 - Competency-based learning: As a teacher, try to teach students concrete skills (especially language skills), and not abstract things! Learners should work on one competency at a time! This means to work on one part of a large goal! Teachers, who are longing for a positive change, should believe in Competency-based learning!

4 - Socio-cognitive conflict and learning: To be a smart teacher, who works on the school of success establishment, you need to know how to create a positive conflict between learners!  Try to upgrade students' learnings by pushing them to express their ideas! Moreover, you should know how to redirect it to meet great goals!

Things to avoid to meet a school of success goal

1 - If you want to become a teacher just for the sake of a job, I recommend you to let down! If you change direction, be sure you will get your best opportunity! Because you have preferred to protected pupils (students) from a big future danger! This smart decision will help in easing the project of creating a leading education!

2 - If you are sure of your feeble self-control, I recommend not to choose a teaching job!
      Maybe I didn't mention other important things, but I'm aiming to redirect the learning focus towards the learner! I want to strengthen it and boost it for the sake of realizing the school of success!

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I welcome your opinions, suggestions, and advice, so I can continue learning and creating!