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Useful health guidelines in bioethics (medical ethics) and medication

Useful health guidelines in bioethics (medical ethics) and medication

         It's obvious that the scientific and technological progress in the field of telemedicine, and medicine, and biology of treatment, has allowed the successful treatment of many diseases and epidemics, and repair and restoration of congenital abnormalities resulting from accidents, as well! So, health issues today become easier to tackle! The fact that contributed to saving the lives of humans and animals, as well as alleviate their pain and suffering!
        The progress of Life Sciences and biology full courses has realized great achievements in maintaining human health, and overcome the disease! Therefore, humans can meet great enjoyment of life for longer, as a result of controlling the human body, particularly the nervous system, and reproduction and human genetics, etc!
        But there're two faces for every coin! Thus, this accelerated progress has raised several problems and several major challenges to humanity at large, and specialists in particular, concerning medical ethics issues!
Useful health guidelines in medical ethics and medication (intro)
Useful health guidelines in medical ethics and medication (intro)

What are the problems that the evolution of life sciences has created?

1 - In case when animal experiments are useless to reach the goals of medicine and treatment and scientific research in the fields of life sciences; can we test medicine and biology on human beings without their permission?!

2 - How to confront the phenomenon of trafficking in human organs under the high demand for arable members

3 - Is it permissible to put an end to the lives of human beings on the outskirts of death, suffering from pain, and no hope to cure them?

4 - Is it permissible to abort a fetus because it has a certain genetic disease?

5 - Is abortion (miscarry) permissible because we doubt that the fetus has genetic diseases and dysmorphic syndromes?

6 - What are the limits we must respect when dealing with the human nervous system?

7 - What disasters can the selection of fetus sex (embryo sex) lead to?

8 - What are the rights of the embryos that need to be respected in the framework of the practical experiences they are under?

9 - Is it acceptable to select embryos free from genetic defects thanks to what the genetic diagnosis that precedes embryo implantation in the womb allows?

10 - What are the expected forms of utilization and use of genetic tests that enable us to predict specific genetic defects or diseases?

11 - What can result from the forms of economic and racial exploitation of the human genome?

12 - How to reconcile the therapeutic hopes of the discovery of "stem cells" and their concerns?

13 - What are the dangers that threaten mankind at the level of its nature, identity, and dignity due to embarking on human cloning?

14 - To what extent are the human rights principles respected in the fields of medicine and biology, after this unprecedented scientific and technological advances?

15 - What's the nature of the threat, posed by the improvement of the human race, to the nature and dignity of the human being?

What is the nature of this new ethical thought?

       It comes to a culture or moral thought that addresses ethical problems and issues in the fields of medicine, biology, and health, where ancient moral thought has not been able to address them, especially after the scientific and technical revolution that prevailed in those fields, which has been dubbed "Biotechnology"! It means various forms of technical intervention in life and the human body.

1 - Conducting various experiments on that body in order to:
a - Treat it or restore it with various organ, tissue, and cell transplants.
b - Keep it "technically" alive with life support devices.
c - Accelerate its death (the body) to relieve its owner from pain and suffering.

2 - Interfere with fetuses from the moment of fertilization until the moment of birth:
a - Fetal examination and diagnosis of possible diseases.
b - Conducting various artificial fertilization and pregnancy in the context of modern reproductive technologies.

3 - Interfering with the nervous system through surgery, and trying to repair its diseases and injuries:
a - Either by stem cell transplantation.
b - By drugs to treat mental illnesses, and their consequences, such as the modification of human behavior.

4 - Intervention in "genome" and "human genetics" using DNA fractionation and modification techniques by eliminating or adding some genes within the framework of "genetics" and "genetic diagnosis that precedes embryo implantation in the womb", trans-genetic processes, cloning operations, and others!

       We should know that most of us have been born in a natural way, and there were fewer incidents than we see today, during this great medical progress! And know that there're material investment goals, etc behind most of the doctors’ advice for the cesarean section! So, where are the medical ethics principles?! Rather, where is humanity in this globalization that has invaded the health field?!

Why is there a medical deficiency in treating emerging health troubles?

       To be frank, I do not say all the doctors or some of them, but I say most of them do not recognize the limitations of their knowledge when they can't treat the patient, or rather diagnose the disease !!! Instead, they inform the patients that their disease is either a chronic disease, or hereditary disease, or infectious disease! All of these justifications are just illusions to cover up the deficiency of the doctor's knowledge, and science in general!

       When some doctors delude you that your illness is a chronic disease or hereditary disease, or you're a victim of infection, and you believe them 100%, then you've become their loyal customer! Why? Because this kind of doctor will make you think you've other diseases, and they will send you to other specialists, who, naturally, are their friends! They will also send you to certain pharmacies, according to the concept of sharing and service exchanging! Your visit to a large number of doctors and pharmacies, and taking a large number of drugs lead you to addiction to drugs that will surprise you with real diseases and suffering, which's difficult to get out of!

       Currently, when a woman feels pregnant, she often visits a doctor, so what happens?! If she happens to come to those incompetent doctors, they will sprinkle her with an immense amount of medicines! This one to stimulate blood circulation, this one to balance the pressure, these vitamins to feed the mother and fetus, this one to stimulate the pain of artificial parturition (the process of childbirth), and then, this is a guaranteed perishing! They tell her it's necessary to visit them regularly, every month, sometimes every 15 days or less!

       Since when have we been using chemical medicines and industrial stimulants to deal with pregnancy?! I swear that all sufferings of the mother during pregnancy; all newborn defects; all fatty disability, and physical disability, that many children undergo, are only the result of the chemical components of medicines! How will this fragile fetus live in a womb that is full of chemical toxins?! 

       In addition to the industrial toxins that he/she gets from junk food that the pregnant mother feeds on and that taints milk that the newborn will get from his/her mother's chest! This's if she has enough milk, otherwise, the artificial milk will participate in worsening the life of the infant, and that of the future human being!

        Don't you know many people who are lost in a whirlpool "from a doctor to a doctor", and "from a list of drugs to another list", and "from disease to diseases"? Sure, you know a lot, but do you know whom they got out healthy of these sufferings? Certainly, they are few, or rather no one of them survives, because the residues of chemical drugs (diseases and disorders) are always increasing!

       Be absolutely certain that if you do an auto-treatment for yourself by avoiding the causes of illness, which are unhealthy nutrition and unhealthy nutritional system and lifestyle, even if by 70%; Allah, the Exalted, the Majestic, will keep you healthy millions per percent!

       I do not deny the great medical achievements that have been and are constantly being achieved. And if you get closely acquainted with these doctors, who have achieved these accomplishments, whether local or foreign, then you'll discover the vast differences (formative, scientific, ethical, etc) between them and those who practice fraud and deception on their patients! There are those who think only about their personal interest, and those who think about the public interest! Note that the smartest and most successful doctors are those who serve the public interest because they hit two birds with one stone. Indeed, serving the public interest is the best free medication guide to follow! It's the best way to achieve the private interest, in condition, there's no premeditated intention!

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