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A Simple Approach for the Emerging Global Health Crisis of 2020

A Simple Approach for the Emerging Global Health Crisis of 2020

       First, I want to point out something very important, which is that I'm going to provide a simple description of the general conditions of the time before and during the global health crisis. I'm not concerned with the official aspects, which are out of my specialty!
       It's likely that we should get rid of such addiction to painkillers like referring whatever happens to Allah's Fate and Destiny. When we set an arbitrary link like that we only prove the absence of proactive thinking, the fragility of the analytical mind, the weakness of the vision, and the low level of intellectual maturity! The proactive thinking, that's based on a strong intellectual immune system, is the best drones with camera to identify suspicious things in difficult to reach areas!
      First, we must understand the details of the issue at hand, and secondly, we must rectify the misinterpretation of both of Allah's Fate and Destiny, why? Because Allah (our creator) gives us only good things! A common mistake says: "Every calamity is a devotion from Allah, the Almighty, to protect us from what is more dangerous than it"! Make sure first if there's any actual calamity; secondly, if you really find it, do not make up a lie on Allah, rather, link it to yourself! Allah said what means: "Any Pro, that happens to you, is a gift from Allah, and any cons is an Ordeal from yourself"! This is if it really happens!
     What I certainty know is that the most dangerous lifetime viruses are ignorance and obscurantism that affect the subconscious mind! These two viruses give birth to a series of difficult moral opportunistic viruses like dangerous astonishment, glamour, fascination, consumption, intransigence, rigidity, subservience, dependency, credit out of duplicity, subordination, vulnerability, blind emulation, and that's what we found our fathers and grandfathers practicing, and so on!
       Is there any real good antidote to these deadly epidemics? This becomes so worse when these cluster germs prevail among those who are considered as advanced learners! Illiteracy is merciful, and the illiterate man is excused if he/she doesn't understand the details of things! However, what is really strange is that the most illiterate are more conscious, because they maintain the right instinct, especially by the proper handling of animals. In addition, they retain their healthy mind energies away from being polluted by diverse types of intellectual fallacies, misinterpretation, and cultural misplaced heritage!

A Simple Approach for the Emerging Global Health Crisis of 2020
A Simple Approach for the Emerging Global Health Crisis of 2020

How can the global health crisis of 2020 be more properly approximated?

       You know that each currency has two sides; so we can't only talk about the negative aspects of the current situation. It's obvious that there're positive aspects that we deliberately ignore but the weak minds prefer to walk among the herd, shouting and echoing their slogans like gentle parrots!

       As a simple researcher, with a university scientific formation, who is seeking knowledge and research in various fields (psychology, "the power of the subconscious mind", sociology, nutritional science, psychology, philosophy, etc.). I've a consistent personal conviction, supported by three forts, each fortress rivals the rest in terms of strength, durability, immunity, and steadfastness..! The strongback bulwark is the physical immunity, and the strong center bulwark is the psychological immunity, and then the frontmost solid fortress which is the intellectual immunity, which's the best immune system booster! I'll always keep safe, and I'll always stay healthy in the face of all types of global health issues!

       The nature of intellectual immunity is considered to be the main gate that bears the responsibility of allowing or preventing the leakage of any information or disease to the human body! Your physical well-being may be strong but if your intellectual immunity is weak, you will be exposed to various types of fragility, confusion and degradation..! I recommend that you focus on building a renewed intellectual immunity through study, research, smart reading, and smart browsing of the Internet, because not all that is published is correct! In this area, it's important to ascertain the sources, references, backgrounds, etc. Be aware of the Hallo effect whatever the information source is! Let's forget about satellite news channels and dubbed series that master the brain-programming process of their addicts!

Are there any pros for the emerging global health crisis?

       Before the crisis, the mortality rate was much higher than it's now! In particular, deaths of heart patients, cancer, renal impairment (Kidney failure or renal failure), respiratory distress, traffic accidents, work accidents, famine, food poisoning, conflicts, medical errors, etc. But the difference is only in statistics' publishing in various media, TV channels, radio stations, the Internet, social media, newspapers, etc! But nobody knows the truth except Allah (our creator).

      So, it's difficult to say that one period of time is better than another, as far as each one has got both advantages and disadvantages! The difference is, only, in our choice of the aspect on which we're focusing. But I will try to identify some of the strengths of the health state before the global turmoil!

a -  Life was relatively normal.
b - Employment opportunities were relatively available as well.
c - People were traveling and moving freely, of course, within the limits of the law.
d - People were shopping whenever and wherever they like to.

What are the negative aspects of the emerging global health crisis?

       Prior to March 2020, relative freedom prevailed, but most people often don't take care of this great value. The universe was experiencing hard energy depletion (minerals, water, forests, gases, natural resources (Vegetables and fruits, fish, cattle, poultry, etc.)! The fact that has resulted in many natural phenomena such as drought, global warming, floods, earthquakes, pollution, volcanoes, diseases, etc!

a - Vehicles drivers (cars, motorcycles, etc) wander recklessly around the streets, alleys, and lanes, causing permanent impairment to pedestrians! They also contribute to rising pollution and to creating night disturbing troubles!

b - The theft, whether using by motorcycles or others, was so high that people would not get out at night even if necessary!

c - The cafes and nightclubs were full day and night causing a loss of the daily effort in addiction to smoking, excessive coffee drinking, in addition to many neuropsychiatric diseases and disorders due to negative sugar effects!

d - Almost all public places were full of people, which can cause struggles leading to serious consequences! It may argue that all this contributes to the national economic growth, job opportunities.., but do we know something about the loss caused by diseases and disabilities, and the separation of the family dispersion, Academic failure, etc! To make sure, all you need is to systematize a field study or a survey!

       But what these places cause most is the loss of the most precious thing in life, "time", in gossip that separates families and friends! One of the serious consequences of this situation is divorce, juvenile delinquency, homelessness, etc!

What are the negative effects of the emerging global health crisis

      I wonder whether what I will discuss is a kind of loss or we only imagine it to be so, under the influence of terror, panic, awe, suspicion, selfishness, and love of survival, and excessive love of ownership and monopoly!
a - The total or partial loss of job positions experienced by some employees, and what if a compensation for damage has been determined?

b - Relative losses that businessmen, employers, companies, contractors, small and medium-sized businesses may experience!

c - Patients suffer because many health institutions have closed their doors, as well as because some medicines have run out of pharmacies (and here note the strange paradox between loss and profit)! Most doctors used to get daily high gains that have stopped now! So, is it a loss of their rights or profit and provision for the sick persons? These poor persons, who were in a tight grip of doctors' hands, can now save money and retrieve their safety and well-being!

       It's true that educational institutions (schools, universities, institutes, etc) have closed down! The ready-made provisions are talking about the deprivation of seeking knowledge among students and teachers! But, is it a deprivation or a rare opportunity to rest mind and body, restore natural balance, and restore vitality?!

What are the positive effects of the emerging global health crisis

       Doesn't it seem to you that forcing the closure of the stores at 6 pm would be a big benefit?! Weren't you suffering from a waste of money to acquire a lot of redundant things?! Haven't you been forced, about midnight, to buy sweets and freezy drinks for your children? You know that they are very harmful to their health, but you can't neither prevent your children from eating it, nor stop the grocer from selling it!

       And you, the grocer, and the trader in general, didn't you suffer from working for late hours of the night? Maybe you have severe pain or kidney problems, and so on? Now you can play sports and more! Weren't you suffering from the lack of time to sit with your wife and children? Now you have the opportunity!

       You'll tell me that you no longer make good profits like before, and that you have to pay the bills for water and electricity, the financial crisis 2020 is the hardest, etc! I will tell you, "You should express sincere commendations and thanks for Allah (our creator)! Don't you sell now ten times of what you used to sell before, and within 6 p.m? What is better, many hours of permanence at work to make money, then spend material profit in medicine and treatment for pop-up diseases (and it will not be enough and will do no recovering) or your meeting with the members of your family and great moral gain (balanced marital relationship, children with good educational level, etc)?

What are the results of the temporary suspension of study and training?

       It appears to have negative consequences, but if we should reanimate the "Insight" feature, and the "Critical Analysis" skill to understand these benefits: An opportunity for the mind and the body to have a rest and get rid of the stress imposed by the local educational system; continuous teaching sessions, followed by a huge number of evening support classes, during holidays and weekends! It's hard to have this opportunity under any other circumstances!

       You might think you lost a school year but you won the most important thing, the holistic safety! I think it's a convalescence for mind and body to restore balance and vitality, for a new start full of achievement, proactivity, and productivity! A relaxing time for teachers, who are obsessed with the phenomenon of extra hours addiction, and who teach night and day, to take a rest! Those who consider having fun as being a kind of luxury that is difficult to achieve!

     I should mention the reason why some communities can't bear this pause in education is the erroneous beliefs that they attach to the purpose of the education of children! Most third world countries emphasize the compulsory schooling of children for the sole purpose of obtaining a decent job, a good monthly salary that provides a decent living for the son (the student), as well as for the parents; the partners that invest in the human capital (their own child)! Sometimes the ambition to benefit from an employee's salary (son) may be extended to multiple family members to take advantage of!

       This selfish thinking leads parents to pressure their children to study better, or rather beat peers, and thereby increase the family value! It may come to zero tolerance for the risk of educational failure, or even if their child succeeded but only with an average schooling rate!

How does the pupil in the educational system based on patriarchal thinking?

       Of course, the pupil's schooling pathway will not be free from material punishment, but the moral punishment is much more dangerous! The fact that exposes the pupil to psychiatric troubles (mental disorders) and organic diseases for which the competent doctors stay confused in treating, such as bedwetting, insomnia, nervous tension, weak focus, weak immunity, depression, and others! The comparison of the pupil (and student in general) to his peers, from the classroom or from family members, raises two things different side-effects:

1 - The feeling of deficiency and weakness due to his/her failure in the year-end exam, or even success at an average schooling rate! Something that causes frustration, and sometimes pushes pupils to struggle with the competitor peers, which may result in school abandonment!

2 - The brilliant student may feel arrogance when the parents and the crew of the school exaggerate commemorating and celebrating his/her success! The fact that causes the students to press their parents by requesting for more expensive rewards! If parents refuse or fail to fulfill their child's wishes, they will be punished by their child going in laziness, absence from the classroom; a kind of unintentional moral punishment towards them!

       In my personal opinion, the purpose of children's schooling should be, primarily, "knowledge achievement" to prepare the human being that can be distinguished by qualified cultural level and advanced human awareness! When your child is free from undue pressure, he/she will study in total freedom! You allow him/her the opportunity to learn successful social communication skills, and acquire scientific and professional skills that will prepare him/her or her to integrate into society!

       A well-educated person will not be forced to search for work or for jobs, why? It's not a matter of too much self-esteem or recklessness, but his/her independent qualified formation and his/her enlightened mind will cause the distinctive opportunities of work and the institutions of both the public and private sector to compete on his/her skills for profitable investment, even before he/she graduates! As we say "This person is strongly required in the job market (or the employment market)!

What are the advantages of the closure of cafés and nightclubs?

       The closure of the cafes and nightclubs, and the time of the curfew, allowed people, who were addicted to these places, to revive the connexion with their hobbies and interests! The addiction to cafes and clubs prevented them from developing and refining their skills! Now they can reduce or quit smoking by playing sports, reading, benefiting from the world wide web (WWW), etc!

       Do you like to waste money and time in these places? Now, you can save money to buy the necessary needs for the house! But how restaurants serve us? They serve only filling stomachs to avoid starvation only! They don't know about feeding! And if they don't send you directly to the medical casualty, then they will cause you costly diseases, after a certain period of time! Don't you note that the money that was spent overnight on unhealthy fast food, unhealthy nutrition has undergone a positive redirection to a daily fee that provides all family needs (food, dress, Telemedicine, etc)?! Thus, preparing healthy home meals is a savings for money and health that have been long lost by the age of speed!

       Doesn't coffee shops and nightclubs closure help you keep healthy and save money? Doesn't this shutdown significantly reduce environmental pollution?! You'll tell me these places are contributing to the growth of the national economy! I will tell you that it only contributes to the waste of time, the promotion of unemployment, smoking addiction, etc! How can it contribute to the economy while it employs only three or four workers, half of whom have no monthly stipend, but is graciously based on the customers' donations!

       Most of these places employ waiters (girls) who show most part of their bodies than they hide! They try to stir up instincts, and empty customers' pockets to fill the employer's ones! They only help the owner of the coffee shop or nightclub, the big man with an insidious smile, to make more money! Moreover, these almost naked waitresses are prohibited from appearing nervous or sad whatever the strange customers, who suffer from extreme thirst, do! It's clear that the investor of women bodies imposes obedience on waitresses in any case! Can we entrust an investor, who has such suspicious ethic and principles like that, to improve a prosperous economy? Why this strange investor can't think of a productive project that provides job opportunities, and contributes, in some way, to national production?

Is the pilgrimage cancel of this year (2020) a great gain?

       Please, keep cool and don't rush to protest by of ready-made judgments based on the prevailing false religiosity, which contradicts the true Islamic religion! It's true that the Pilgrimage is one of the five pillars of Islam, for whom has been able to do so! But does everyone, who had the opportunity to perform the Pilgrimage, meet the necessary conditions eligible? Does every Pilgrim sincerely reflect the positive effects resulting from performing the Pilgrim rituals?! Does it make sense to make the pilgrimage (man or woman) more than once?! What about the Umrah? Why do some Muslims do it multiple times! Where does that big money go? And who has the right to benefit from it?!

       Here's a vivid proof of the reality of some pilgrims! A realistic Joke! After a Pilgrim (a neighbor) has returned back from a visit to the holy places of pilgrimage, he no longer cares to people who call him by his personal name! However, when they call him the "Pilgrim" (Hajj in Arabic), he looks back very quickly, with a wide smile, as if to say "I'm so sincere to meet the appeal", the word he used to repeat in the holy places as a kind of shouting more than a kind of pilgrim rituals! Don't you notice that this huge money has now been kept inside the local country, and it has not been thrown into the unknown! If Pilgrims' intentions (of this year) are pure to meet the appeal of Allah (our creator), then they should do a kind of local Pilgrimage! How? There're many ways to make a beneficial moral pilgrimage, and surely it brings more rewards and happiness!

A simple comparison between two kinds of Pilgrims 

You can yourself judge and approach:

1 - Many Pilgrims do Pilgrimage for an improper purpose! It looks like you didn't agree with me, right? Do we not find many verses in the Noble Qur’an that refer to “most people are adulterers"; "most people are unjust"; "most people are ungrateful"; "but most people do not know"; "but most people do not believe"; "you do not find most of them grateful"; "but most of them do not give thanks"; "and most of them do not understand"; "and if we find most of them is immoral"; "then most of them do not hear"; "and that many people about our verses are heedless"; etc?!

2 - People can't do the Pilgrimage but they had really done it, how? They are those who take charge of indigent patients; who construct roads and provide means of transporting people and goods in order to untie the isolation from the rural world! Those who take charge of the cost of teaching the poor, etc! So, what is better, in your opinion? Or, who has done the best pilgrimage, the first or second?

       This is just a simple example of the positive aspects of the emerging global health situation for the year 2020! There're too many examples that do not require statistics! All we need is to activate the analytical mind to have a closer look at events and facts..!

Note:  Whoever takes advantage of these conditions to increase the prices, sell semi-expired food products, or monopolize some items to sell them at a high price, whenever he wants, or impose deductions from wages (imposing pay cuts)..; then, be absolutely certain that he will pay the price very high! If he escapes the punishment of restraining, he/she will suffer too much to the extent that he/she would wish that he was legally punished in order to feel the purity of the spirit, and enjoy the conscience comfort!

       The simplest price he/she will pay is losing all that money, which he/she has illegally acquired, on disease treatment; serious diseases for which he/she will find neither the reasons nor the right remedy! He/she will wish to enjoy a simple bit of well-being, he/she will be lost in the cycle of suffering, from illness to disease, and from a doctor to doctor until he/she goes bankrupt financially, physically, and socially! Besides, no customer care call center can help him/her find financial support! Moreover, he/she will lose the ability to enjoy desires, and will not find no effective antidote (viable antidote) to solve the multiplied suffering!

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