How to overcome the problem of hair loss

         Have you ever seen many men and women avoiding the use of the comb as if it's the right cause of hair loss..?! I guess you agree with me on the fact that this difficulty is, just, a consequence of such strange practices..! However, they quickly start using any hair loss treatment without visiting a hair restoration doctor..! What will happen next is only the appearance of new skin side effects..! Many persons pass quickly to do a surgical hair replacement hoping to get good results..! So, here's a multi-dimensional approach that can be useful, both for protection and for curing..! Could you guess the required conditions to fulfill this objective..?! Deep belief, sincere conviction, and great love..!

How to overcome the problem of hair loss
How to overcome the problem of hair loss

Why do I lose so much hair?

       Let's first discuss the main reasons..! As far as you didn't suffer from this problem; during your past years; you should believe that your head skin was intact..! That means you were used to having junk food, or maybe using a hair loss shampoo, with no prescription..!
       So, let's free the comb, and examine these reasons to find out the right hair restoration price:

1-  Pollution: It's not hard to solve global pollution if each person does a simple initiative to keep the universe clean..! Smoking..,  damages the skin cells and causes all kinds of organ loss..! Oh, you have never smoked..! Be sure that you get an enormous smoke impact if somebody smokes inside home..! You receive more negative impact if you used to spend much time in smoking spaces (coffees, etc..)..! Of course, polluted water and treated food are among the principal causes of health disturbance..!

2- Food type and feeding patternPeople, who rely on synthetic food, as a source for hair loss vitamins, won't be satisfied, by the end..! Moreover, strange nutritional practices produce no good rather than difficult skin troubles..! For example, having a fat meal at dinner, and sleeping right after, is one of health trouble causes..! 

3-Shampoo-types and modes of use: Many people use any shampoo-type they get by, and, often change it, continuously, without consulting a specialist..! Besides, they can, sometimes, wash with hot water, and other times with cold one..! By doing so, they think they make the right loss restoration choice..!

Can hair grow back after thinning?

       I can say yes, but in a condition that you focus on rectifying the previous causes, mentioned above..! How..?!

1-  Regular cleanliness: Let's think, deeply, about this concept..! Try to keep yourself clean, and the outside world too..! If you throw dirt, like butts, etc, and wherever you want, you'll be the first person to be affected..!

2-  Healthy nutrition and nutritive system: Try to have better healthy food even if it may be so expensive..! Let's consider these expenses as a pre-arrival readiness to the restoration cost..! Moreover, try to look for some optimized nutrition systems to take benefits of natural vitamins..!
3-Washing products and usage patterns: It's worth being vigilant when we want to wash some sensitive body parts..! It's recommended to use natural products that contain active vitamins..! It's, also, healthier to use warm water (neither hot nor cold) to revitalize the skin..!

How can I prevent hair loss after pregnancy?

       It's great to think alike, but let's dig deeper to reveal the true trouble roots..! Try to scrutinize 'how to save health' before, during, and after pregnancy?"..! When we determine the causes and the solutions, hair restoration for women becomes easier..!

1-  Before pregnancy: It's great to focus on the woman as far as she is the nucleus of society..! We have to take good care of her education, nutrition.., to prepare her for wifehood, and then motherhood..! 

2-  During pregnancy: As far as they have taken care of you, you should do the same for yourself and your fetus..! Try to remember you are a natural hair transplant center for your coming baby..! That's why you should improve this great center (the uterus):
      a- Healthy food: Try to select the best of natural food; especially whole bread (Natural wheat + bran + natural yeast + active salt + Herbs)..!
    b- Sports practiceMovement is a requiring thing, in this period, and let's forget about some invented false ideas..! Try to practice a light sport, and nothing better than the work of the house..!
       c- Skin moisturizersTo get smooth skin (as a fertile soil), try to use natural products that can, positively, affect you and your fetus..! There's nothing better than virgin olive oil to prevent any health loss..! 

3- After pregnancy: Good news..! You have achieved more than 70% of success..! All you need (as a mother) is to reactivate and upgrade the previous great missions, how..?! Here's a great secret about the founder of maternal and child health:

       Breastfeeding: This divine gift helps to establish holistic immunity, for the mother as well as for her child..! You can organize a survey, and be sure you will discover concrete facts..! Neither of them undergoes such surprising health loss..!

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I welcome your opinions, suggestions, and advice.., so I can continue learning and creating..!

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