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How to decrypt impotence and frigidity among married couples?

How to decrypt impotence and frigidity among married couples?

       As we say; a lazy worker blames the tools! Nowadays, we note the rapid growth of two phenomenons that cause a big disturbance for the marital relationship! The first one is impotence, which is known as erectile dysfunction and they get it shortened in ED! Scientists characterize it by the fact when a man can't take part in satisfactory sexual intercourse! And the second one is frigidity! 1 - When a woman can not feel sexually excited! 2 - When she doesn't like sexual intercourse! 3 - When she suffers from a deficiency in sexual gratification! They are widely spreading to the point they cause early menopause and more side-effects! A simple example is infertility trouble! But I prefer to label it as "the delayed reproduction"! So, are marital conflicts, mood troubles, anxiety, misinterpretation of gender equality, the right roots of intimacy disorder?! Do you think that it is easy to meet the best ed cure following well-structured natural impotence treatments?! In my opinion, I believe it helps! Try to think about this proverb I've created: More you give, safely you live!

How to decrypt impotence and frigidity among married couples
How to decrypt impotence and frigidity among married couples

How to approach impotence in men and frigidity in women

           Most married couples do not know how to restore intimacy! Most of them depend on the effectiveness of the impotence treatment to save them from dyspareunia ghost! That's why they are living everyday fear, and are wondering "is impotence permanent?". Meanwhile, wives should know that frigidity in marriage can cause negative impacts on their husbands! It becomes more complicated when they neglect it as far as they find no visible frigidity symptoms! As a result, they may borrow major loans and spend much time in search of ed medications! But few of them think of some smart initiatives that can help rationalize the interventions and check for impotence causes! Moreover, the secret keyword for having no good results is how is impotence diagnosed! I think most people visit ed doctors who depend on saving their clients' sufferings through a single way; drug therapy! The reason is that they deal with visible ed symptoms and have no idea about female frigidity symptom checkers! However, this technique helps show any probable connection between these two health challenges!

       Here, we should mind the main role of the early health checkup to clarify ambiguities, and to help unveil impotence signs and symptoms! Moreover, it helps increase the treatment efficacy during the starting off point of any health trouble! Of course, a preventive medical check-up is useful for women to keep secure from frigidity causes! However, we should work hard on how to develop a healthy culture by learning, learning, and learning! Let's know about any purposive thing; from books, internet websites, magazines, etc! Knowledge is the power to save you from disaster! Then, the medical approach is your supplementary intervention to get unlimited positive results! It is a great safety guide to help select the best ed treatment options that can engender good results!

       In this video, I read this exclusive topic in the English language and translate it into the Arabic language to help non-native English speakers to understand the English language and to help non-native Arabic speakers to understand the Arabic language! The main aim is to ease understandability.

What are the impotence causes that married men may neglect

        I think these stages: Moral support, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and physical therapy are worth trying! It's worth remembering them in any intervention! They are smart ways to decipher ed causes and treatments among married couples! When we say causes we mean protection:
- Child Rearing: Some parents raise a boy the same way they raise a girl! They warn him not to touch his reproduction system! Day by day, this prohibition grows as a complex of inferiority, inside the boy's subconscious mind! So, it is very likely that he will be a victim of marriage impotence troubles, especially if he gets punished for such a random touch!

- The authoritarian mother: When the father can't assume responsibility, the son will, mostly, suffer from impotence problems! The same thing can happen for the one whose mother is an authoritarian woman! Either the father does his duties or not! 
- The authoritarian wife: Most husbands, who are suffering from impotence difficulties, are boys, who get educated by an authoritarian mother! They, unconsciously, search for women that resemble their mothers, according to the law of attraction! They are ready to submit to their wifes' authority and then create easy access for sexual impotence leakage! Other husbands were fooled by some women, who play the role of gentle doves before marriage! But after facing reality, they lose sexual desire!

- Emotional problems: There are two types: 
a - The pain that married couples loaded from their childhood
b - The new appearing challenges that result from conjugal conflicts! They are conflicts that happen due to the degree of compatibility between husband and wife
c - Recurrent conflicts and tracking spouses' failures are the direct impotence causes, in most cases! But we, often, pay them poor attention!

What are the causes of frigidity in women?

- Raising a girl: In some social classes, and due to lack of knowledge, they treat girls the same way as boys! So, the girl who touches her reproduction system, or even talk about it, will live the day of disaster! These impressions grow hard to become a stigma in the wifehood, causing serious psychological troubles! These troubles will, no doubt, be a big hindrance to intimacyMoreover, they will cause difficult side-effects such as frigidity, infertility, etc!

The authoritarian father: A girl who grows up beyond an education system, where the father is an authoritarian man, will, mostly, suffer from frigidity problems! The situation is more difficult when the mother doesn't care about her responsibilities! Even if the mother is a true woman, the daughter will suffer!  As you know, the father is his daughter's ideal person! And if this lighthouse is harming her eyes the results will be unbearable!

- The authoritarian husbandMost wives, who suffer from frigidity difficulties, are girls who get raised by an authoritarian father! They, unconsciously, get married to men that are their fathers' prototypes to relive their mothers' stories! Others can commit a mistake in choosing a husband, who plays the role of a gentle lamb! But when they get the truth revealed they can't keep sexual satisfaction and orgasm!

- Emotional problemsWomen are sensible for what happens in their surroundings and can, easily, be affected! When a husband, or/and his family members, treat his wife so rudely or don't care about her; this wife will get depression! So, she can go into the frigidity phase, especially when she's a chaste woman, who can't look for an illegal alternativeThese couples are only married-like persons, but in reality, they are, emotionally, separated!

Serious causes of impotence and sources of frigidity within married couples

- Comparison trap: Most married couples commit this big mistake which causes serious frigidity health problems, that often finish by divorce! When a wife compares her husband to other men she forgets about his strong points and tries to unveil his weak ones only! The same thing for the husband, who dreams of some women's bodies! He will come to the point of neglecting his wife! The fact is that he will become limited to the fantasy reality or virtual reality that leads to losing sexual desire! The fact that ends in ed dysfunction! However, the daily addiction to indecent movies makes troubles come true! So, let's be careful about some movies that do not represent reality!

Unhealthy nutrition and non-rationalized nutritive system: Married couples, who make junk food their main meal, will, certainly, get serious health problems! Husbands, who get addicted to freezy drinks, hydrogenated liquids, coffee, should know that there's a great link between caffeine and impotence! Wives, who consider house cook as a contempt, and prefer to get fast food, should know that they are arranging their own frigidity handicap! They are on the bridge that leads to the main causes of infertility!

- Chemical productsEven if we do attention to passive food, there are a lot of chemical materials that married couples absorb, every day! Wives who use utensils, made of aluminum, plasticshould remember that they are nourishing the frigidity beast! The same thing for women who make some industrial cosmetics, shave their eyebrows, pluck their facial hairs, etc!  Husbands, who focus on chemical ed treatment, as a single method for saving virility, are doing no good but feeding the impotence beast!

NBThese causes are the right reasons behind giving birth to children with special needs, children with mental retardation, daughters with disturbed menstruation!

How to cure impotence and become a true man?

         A good wife should play the role of a credit box to keep her husband's confidentiality! Surely, you agree that this powerful support provides husbands with great energy to overcome impotence! So, we should work on how to make a hosting wife! We should start from the early years of the girl's life, and pass by teenage time for the sake of preparing a true wife! Husbands, who aspire to get a responsive recovery, should try some effective measures, like these:

- Cupping therapyIt is, also, labeled as cupping physical therapy that helps get dirty blood out of the body! It works on activating blood circulation! Moreover, it is the best human body cleaner that works on the resuscitation of dying cells! The fact that can make impotence curing easy and then help saving men from prostate cancer! But you should contact a specialist who is an accredited expert!

- Bee therapyThis natural method, also known as bee venom therapy, becomes an effective male ed treatment, why? Let's take a deep breath and think insightful! Is it the best body detoxification tool that gets the dirt out?! Does it make all human body systems eligible to bolster the immunity system and reinforce the psychological immunity?! Is it the right technique to block impotence emergence! It is, also, recommended to test another smart therapy, which is suction acupuncture! But I prefer natural bee stings as far as they are healthier and cause no side-effects! But you should contact a specialist who is an accredited expert!

- Blood donation: Healing one's pain is an integrated culture that should depend on giving, more than on receiving! Many people think that they save other's lives when they donate blood! That's true, but they forget that they are saving themselves first! How come?! If you want to heal impotence you need to donate blood once every two months! This's how to protect yourself from any expected illness! Health is a precious pearl, and we must barter it with precious things we own, so as to save the universe!

How to cure frigidity and become a responsive wife?

        A good husband should play the role of a protective curtain for the secrets of his wife! It is the best powerful help for his wife to overcome frigidity! But, if a wife wants to make a special intimacy rehab, she can apply these recommendations to get touchable positive results!

- Cupping therapyThis therapy is not useful for women before menopause, because they, monthly, pass by the best divine clinic, which is menstruation! This natural treatment provides great energy as the best medicine for female frigidity! But in the case when women can make reconciliation with it! However, specialists urge this therapy for women in menopause, why? The syndromes, that get blocked by the natural process of blood filtration, 'menstrual cycle', take advantage to reappear, but in the strongest form! But you should contact a specialist who is an accredited expert!

- Bee therapy: It is the best regulator of female hormones that can save wives from frigidity ghost! However, pregnant wives and women in menses (before menopause) should avoid it! Especially that woman body systems claim, naturally, for a particular natural frigidity treatment! A treatment that will create a responsive harmony for the sake of meeting the right goal (healing)! But you should contact a specialist who is an accredited expert!

- Blood donation: It's worth doing that but away from pregnancy and menstruation periods! During these days, the woman's body is busy performing extraordinary activities! So, nothing should disturb her! Apart from these two cases, they can donate blood to restore femininity and become frigidity-free women!

Breastfeeding: It's a great phase in a woman's life! But, due to the imaginary fear of breast deformity, many people ignore its miraculous positive effects! This's why they forget about it! On the other hand, it's one of the best regulators for the female body systems! It's the right solution for wives (mothers) who are wondering 'can frigidity be reserved?'.

The best-synchronized ways to heal impotence and frigidity

       I mean the treatment rules that married couples and experts should follow to keep spouses intimate! Fortunately, it is possible to diagnose impotence lesions as far as it happens outside the human body (visible)! So, there are more chances that ed remedies produce positive results! However, it's difficult to diagnose sexual desire deficiency syndrome in women! However, it's an invisible dormant volcano that creates internal corrosion for the woman's body! If neglected, it will, of course, produce serious complications like frigidity disadvantage! So, let's have a look at Life Paradise! These recommended treatments can serve both as protection methods and as treatment interventions:

Fallacies rectificationWe should deny all errors we have inherited from our ancestors! We should get rid of some invented delusions! Impotence and frigidity troubles are not transferred through the inheritance process! Besides, they are neither chronic diseases nor infectious diseases! So, it is possible to cure them! I mean that hope for healing should exist! Moreover, they may attribute these troubles to fate and destiny, but it is a shame to say that! Why, because Allah (our creator) never harm anybody and never make anybody infertile! No one to blame other than ourselves!

2 - Healthy nutritionWe should know that health care exceeds the limits of mastering the choice of healthy food or selecting organic healthy food! It's promoted to a more advanced skill degree in how to make a healthy meal! Husbands, who want to cure impotence, and wives, who long to defeat frigidity, should, primarily, learn how to make a responsive combination between:

a - Complete breadThis's the best natural remedy, but try to make it from complete wheat and natural yeast! It's worth eating it regularly, and then you can make a good change! Try to keep patient for a six months term!

- Best quality spices: It helps awaken all sleeping cells, but I recommend you to buy spices in their natural form, and then you can grind them yourself!

c - The virgin olive oilYou can eat it with bread, cook meals with it, and use it to paint your body! The last way is, in fact, the most effective way to heal all troubles! But try not to drink it!

d - Sports practicing: It's good to realize the benefits of practicing sport! But, guess what?! Let's repair our contact with the most effective sport for women, 'the work of the house'! It is the best natural activity, for wivesto get weight loss! As you know, corpulence generates a serious mess on the level of the human reproductive system!

e - Natural honey, fresh and dried herbs, natural ghee, Fenugreek, wild chickens, are useful too!

Regular fasting: All religions talk about the power of fasting practice to cure infertility! We, mostly, know about it, but we don't have enough information about how to overcome frigidity.! We, also, don't know how to fix impotence in men, using this great power! Married couples, who come through these health deficiencies, should practice fasting twice a week! They can do it for longer divided periods! But let's surpass the normal fasting that's based, primarily, on refrain from eating and drinking! Let's promote a sublimated spiritual fasting that's well-synchronized with regular prayer! Let's Optimize fasting to focus, more, on how to honor morals and how to improve behavior! Day by day, you will feel your entire immunity is growing stronger, and the change comes by the way!

Moral supportMarried couples should share unconditioned mutual help as an implicit lifeline to decipher impotence and frigidity! If they come to know how to invest the psychological support, they will meet miraculous goals! They should aid each other, and avoid looking for random sexual relationships or trying a second marriage as an alternative! These solutions do no good but aggravating the wound! Forgiving your spouse's mistakes is very good support!

      Oh, you've tried all these recommendations but no good news, here are the reasons:

- Impotence and frigidity dilemmas happen as a result of long years of 
accumulated mistakes! So you need patience in waiting for a long-term change!

- You didn't set your own daily planning to apply these techniques, regularly!

- Ask yourself: why am I getting married?! Is it, just, for sexual satisfaction? Did I respond to a sacred divine call to give birth to good men (women too)?! What about chastity?!
         All we need is pure faith, honest intention, and strong will! We need to work, primarily, on how to keep healthy, using well-structured scientific methods! This's the best way to save ourselves from internal vulnerability! It is easy to get access to, but it may seem difficult for some people! I mean those who don't care about random habits and practices, then blame the circumstances, by the end!

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