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How to get weight loss through a mental based equation

How to get weight loss through a mental based equation

          How to get weight loss through a mental based weight control depends on the way we treat our bodies! This includes physiological, psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual systems and aspects! The beauty of the human body (especially for women) is a result of inner work, done by the subconscious mind! So, can we lose weight subconsciously? What are the best strategy and planning that can help set a mental preparation for weight loss?! Is it necessary to have a grade to get acquainted with the psychology of weight loss activitiesShould we reach a higher education level to know how to practice fat reducing exercises?!

How to get weight loss through a mental based equation
How to get weight loss through a mental based equation

How can weight loss program be a mental based equation 

          When dealing with weight loss, especially when we want to set a fitness software; we should take something into consideration! Some great values that work as an in-out process, a Basic Building Block (BBB) that performs as an entire body self-regulator! The basics for an effective change, real-life and enduring success are:

       The positive intention, positive thinking, trustworthiness, faith, collaboration, sharing (win/win relationship), determination, credibility, honesty, fidelity, faithfulness, seriousness! But towards whom? Towards our selves in the first place! If we fail within ourselves, how can we succeed with others? We, often, fail because we do what we do, mostly when in front of people! But, when in the nook, we commit the harmful opposite!

                These values are the basic pillars and the starting-off point to get the right body-form, to build self-confidence, auto-censorship, self-development! Otherwise, we’ll be lost in wonder, and we’ll ask the same monotonous questions: Why it has happened to me, exactly? Why I can't get the perfect body forever! Am I unlucky? As you know, there’s nothing called "luck"! That's only random justifications, born from ready judgments! Nothing better than earnest workperseverancepersistence, etc! If you want it, work for it!

How can fat reduction be an incorporeal question more than a physical problem

        Some scientists say that if we want to get the best body-form we should follow some weight loss programs! Some of them use a warning style, recommending to follow such a diet program! They tell people not to eat such food, and they direct their pieces of advice for patients, most of the time! But they don't focus on the exact types! For example, the industrialized food, the modified, the frozen, the irradiated, the food treated with pesticides! By doing so, they create certain fear from natural food too! However, they create a strange individual’s convictions and beliefs! Unfortunately, these beliefs stick in their subconscious mind, for a whole life-term!

         So, most people keep away from natural meals! On the other hand, they follow a weight loss nutrition plan, where they focus on some strange invented food! As a result, they get fat and, can't get their dream form, whatever they do! Besides, the more they consider it a big problem the more they gain fat! The subconscious mind believes in all we think about, and can't distinguish between truth and lie! Therefore, these pieces of advice become big psychological barriers to weight loss! However, natural meals are the best body-form regulator! Moreover, they are the right easy diet forever!

How to manage a psychological approach to weight loss

      If we want to get a weight-loss inspiration we should think about these two strategies: towards to, and away from! Rather than running away from negative things; corpulence, obesity, as being a dangerous enemy, walk towards positive ones! Look ahead for better health, well-being, ideal agility, vitality, fitness, as a trustworthy friend! A crossroads where there’s a balance between thought and bodyWhen a person thinks that he/she must struggle against corpulence, obesity, disease, depression, stress; he/she plans to do that through different strategies and techniques! Here, we get service of the mental strength for weight loss but in the wrong wayThe fact that pushes the subconscious mind to send a message to the body! A kind of order for all organs to resist against getting good results, and against all intentions of the conscious mind!

              What you focus on grows up bigger, and what you resist becomes bigger, wider but multiplied! That’s why most people, having this state (not this problem), and who follow the struggling strategy, rarely succeed! And if so, just for a short time! Most of them regain their first state (fat) or even more fat! Because they weren’t interested in formulating this equation on the mental level!

          In addition, most of them undergo different hard diets to get what they want! By doing so, they commit a big mistake, a form of a hindrance that prevents them from achieving their goals! The point is, due to the diets they set for themselves, they feel deprivation, even from junk foods, the main source of their sufferings! When they feel so, their subconscious mind works unconsciously on programming their bodies not to get the right form! So, they keep their real states (fat) as a kind of accordance with their emotional needs! Because the more they treat their own states as being a problem, the more their own subconscious minds and bodies keep in resistance! And then, they work in the opposite direction; gain more fat!

What are the best strategies for losing weight

1 - First of all, try to recognize and admit your involvement, blame no one! It's an important step to make a simple health checkup by optimizing your daily use of the power of your mind to get weight loss!
2 - Try to set a great goal in your mind " I'm completely sure of getting a perfect body form! " But DO believe that you are greater than!
3 - Bear in mind that you'll make your dream goal come true, and don't depend on it to form your state of being! Activate your imagination to describe the perfect form you're dreaming of! Some yoga fitness exercises are a good boost!
4 - DO believe that you can do that, and moreover, be sure of your success! Talk to yourself and say: I deserve all the best, and I'm totally able to get that! The internal dialogue or self-dialogue is an important self-help weight loss strategy!
5 - DO start now, and never wait till someone appears or disappears!
6 - Treat any difficulty from its original causes (the roots), rather than the noticeable results!
7 - Bear in mind that your present state's a result of accumulated mistakes! It's normal the treatment to get good weight loss results may take longer! You need patience if you want to get good results!
8 - Focus on adopting new positive attitudes besides deep belief in achieving successful positive results! Think of it as if it’s already done, live it in mind as if a reality!
9 - Don’t feel as if imprisoned in the body! Try to think out of the box to capture relevant weight loss keywords!
10 - Visualize the desired body form, and keep dreaming of it all the time to the fact it becomes a reality! 

11 - Pay attention to the convictions you hold; some people eat little food and think they’ll become fat, then they get fat! Others eat a lot of food but think they’ll keep their normal form, then they get it! Even if they use no weight loss food plan, and vice-versa! 
12 - If it’s necessary to use a dietary supplement, there’s no better than the simple intermittent fasting meals for weight loss! I mean to have only natural healthy nutrition, in whatever measure! 
13 - Keep away from all unnatural food and drinks, the real direct cause for all difficulties, diseases, illnesses, handicaps!
14 - Practice regular deep breathing; in the morning and evening, in a place where you can feel safe, relaxed! It's one of the best weight loss physical therapy exercises for both body, mind and soul!
15 - Practice sport regularly! Here, there’s some confusion because many people do that at whatever time and place! Try to adopt a weight-loss philosophy, first! 
16 - Practice the right spiritual fasting for weight loss for 12 hours a day, 2 or 3 days a week! But don't focus on just not eating, rather, focus on controlling your emotions, thoughts, desires, feelings, intentions! Then you'll feel in peace that will help you make a program, in your subconscious mind, to meet your goals

Tips to create harmony between the mental health and weight reduction program

a - Think of sport as an essential and beneficial mental activity for weight loss! Here, all body systems and aspects work, side by side, to supporting you succeed!
b - Plan seriously for training time, and be sincerely engaged. 
c - Concentrate on the promising positive results as if reality. 
d - Practice sport in open airs; gardens, beaches, forest, in the early morning while there’s a clean atmosphere! Open-air is the true health's friend!
e - Try not to drink water, or whatever liquid, during training. 
f - Before training, you should drink water, and after 30 min you can eat dates, raisinfig, etc (only natural sugar)!
g - When finishing, it’s healthier to take a simple bath, only warm water and no added made products
h - And after 30 min, you can drink water, wait for another 30-min then eat fruits, salad, etc! Then, wait for another 30-min then eat any natural meal! You can look into online fitness websites to get more information!

Tips about some undesirable attitudes to get rid of

The following habits are direct causes of corpulence that creates impotence and frigidity disorders!
A - Having fruits right after a meal, especially when it has meat.
B - Having meat at dinner.
C - Drinking water right after a meal.
D - Having a short time interval between meals.
E - Eating and drinking unnatural food and drinks.
- Eating and, simultaneously, watching TV, discussing, talking on the phone, standing and eating at work while getting the work outfits on!  Here, we don’t know what and how much we’re eating! So, our bodies don’t know what to do, exactly! We’ve to think about the word "to feed" and not just "to eat"! Here all the human body systems take part and work together! I mean, the psychological, emotional, mental, physiological, Spiritual; systems and aspects!
G - Eating when being nervous, stressed, frightened! They're the most direct corpulence causes!
H - Using utensils and tools made from unhealthy materials, aluminum, plastic!
I - sleeping right after having a meal, and if at night it’ll be more dangerous.
J - Sleeping late and waking up late too! Allah (the creator) has created human beings to be active!
K - Sleeping most of the time, and/or sitting on desks for a long time! Applying may seem hard for some people but let's wonder about this query! What’s harder?  1 - To do that and get a better form, besides other good results! 2 - Or, to randomly undergo hard dietsweight loss surgery, without the least result, only dangerous complications and side effects!?
      During my long studying trajectory, I’ve come to a life-philosophy! A specific insight that enables me to decrypt the keyword for healing, curing, liveliness, agility, health care, success, self-development, welfare, wealth! The secret code of any change, in general, is the practice of an integral approach! I mean treating, simultaneously, the right roots of the existing difficulty beyond these highly related levels: Psychological, emotional, mental, spiritual, sociological, physiological level! What I can describe as being the source of the flow!

        So, I can summarize the reasons for overweight, obesity, corpulence, stress, diseases, failure, psychological troubles, in one word! It's the big gap, formed by the emptiness that happens, differently, on the before mentioned levels. Nobody can deny that there’s a highly developed connection, link, and exchange between them! Let's say, a particular kind of barter between all human body systems and moral aspects! Each one feeds the others in diverse manners, quantities, and qualities!

       As you know, any kind of difficulty doesn’t appear immediately! It’s born due to aggravating accumulation series of diverse mistakes, bad habits, lack of information, misinformation, etc! Especially neglect and arrogance towards advice; which means that we are the real causes of what happened to us! So, as far as we were the doer (the only responsible part) we should admit the consequences! Then, we should look for relevant weight loss solutions!

        And one more thing I want you to believe in; it's so easy, nothing's impossible! All you have to do is to think about a kind of spiritual healing for corpulence; if you say I can, you're right, and if you say I can't, you're right too. So you're free to chooseI want you to think deeply about this query: Do our difficulties have any relationship with geneticschronic diseases, and infection?! Do you touch any kind of misinterpretation that results in a huge illusion?! So, would you mind providing me with your opinion!?

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I welcome your opinions, suggestions, and advice, so I can continue learning and creating!

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