internet, the equitable platform

           It is clear that the internet as a means of communication is the great discovery forever that evaluates, assesses and rewards the skills and competencies..! Moreover, internet access worldwide has shortened the distance and facilitated the work by providing diverse valuable ISP all around the world for people who want to learn, to publish their creation..! Nowadays there are great opportunities, for everyone with some skills, to earn money on internet..!
internet, the equitable platform
internet, the equitable platform

How do internet emergence change the whole world:

          With no internet access, it was hard to get the information, to get connected with people, to purchase, to publish one's own creativity..! I remember when I was in the university in the nineties of the 20th century, when there was no internet connection, and it was necessary for us to make a search for some topics to do the thesis; we have had either to buy books that are so expensive or to look for them at the university library..! 
       But we usually had been told, " It was already borrowed "! What an incredible tight world the human being were living in! But today we have millions of web sites for education (high schools, tutorials E-book, PDF, article, audio, video..) for people who to lean, to continue their studies..!
       For many decades, the absence of the global internet network was a was a real hindrance that had prevented people from important opportunities that make life better..! There were little possibilities to get the wanted thing! But fortunately, within the appearance of this equitable platform, everything has become possible, all you need is a simple " Click "..!

How to use the worldwide network and get the best results:

      Today we note the emergence of many internet providers with highly developed service tools that allow delivering cheap high-speed internet.., unfortunately, so many people use it negatively, and they get bad results either they know or not..! The successful way is to be trustworthy within one's own self and try to use all scientific discoveries positively..!
       It is more important for different website owners to focus on the WEB green side in order to have more viewers, likers, subscribers..! Try not to be in a hurry for money benefits, rather, try to make " The only net positive use " a conviction, a belief.." and I guarantee you the best general earning results..!
      Surely you know about the law of attraction, do you believe that it is rightly manifested in your type of use of this new technology? When you think and decide to deal with this great scientific discovery through suspicious methods you will surely get the worst results! It is a question of fair exchange..!

People using network technology often have some problems, why?

       The global internet usage statistics show that many people, who use this new technology in the wrong way often get real problems, but the strange thing is that they stay right wondering, blaming the machine, looking for more illegal solutions..!
       To be a good net friend, to attract legitimate websites, you have to be honest..! Try to follow the right and true surfing approach which begins firstly in your inner intention and intent..! It is the most important step at all, and then you have to be faithful within such a really precious discovery..!
       Try to be a strong person, a real intelligent user and developer; try to be self-confident so as not to fall in bad websites temptations..! Bear in mind that technology is so rich and wide, and bear in mind too that these bad websites and illegal earning methods were created by some person with bad ethics, intention, and intent..!
       Be careful about being an easy access for them because they earn money and disturb your mind, they may damage your engine (computer, laptop, android..), they may get access to your personal website data and destroy it completely, you may have your website blocked and the last thing you can get is a " warning " on your own personal site..! Am I right? I need your opinion..!

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