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How to optimize your subconscious mind

How to optimize your subconscious mind

             Every human mind is a special power in itself! So, we can talk about three types of minds; the poor, the rich, and the wealthy! Within the first one, there are two groups! People who ignore the real existence of the subconscious mind, and those who deny it! So, they totally forget about such optimization! In the second one, people may or may not understand its power, but work on its activation! And most of them pass, instinctively, to the optimizing stage! And the third one admits and perceives this great power! Moreover, they decide to optimize the subconscious mind in a regular way! But how can we really do that?! What are the steps, strategies, and techniques that help coming through this goal?!

How to optimize your subconscious mind
How to optimize your subconscious mind

What types of minds we have and how do they work

          Nowadays, we are sure of two types; the subconscious mind and the conscious one (the analytic mind)! Here's a simple example to prove that! In order to make any technology tool, we have to take either the human being or the animal state of being as a reference! The fact that necessitates a two-parts combination; the front end and the back-end! As you know, we do the entire great work on the second part (the internal device)! When we get the engine made, we have to move to the back-end to activate it, to fix it if needed, to clean it, to optimize it! So, why do we regularly remember doing that for the replicated engine, and we forget about the great source, our subconscious side?! However, they are two linked powers that complete each other! 

        The conscious one treats the real outside world to get information! It analyzes it and sends it back to the subconscious mind (the server) to reformulate it under specific metrics! Then the second one sends it back to the first, but in a new form! It's important to know that the subconscious side works in coordination with the conscious one! We can say there's a kind of dependency syndrome that links them together! There's a kind of complementarityserviceabilityetc! There's a mutual exchange between them, and no one of them can work independently! And do remember that the subconscious mind believes in any information (truth, lie, fallacy, misconception, misinterpretation, etc) coming from the conscious one! That's why we often get surprised about the health difficulties we live in! In fact, they are no more than a reflecting mirror that reincarnates our thoughts!

How to optimize your subconscious mind for a better life

         In order to reach a higher living standard rank, as a proactive person, you need to optimize and upgrade many things! You should own some tools, methods, techniques, and I hope these recommendations will help you meet this goal:

  1 - Knowledge optimization: Try to learn about the power of the subconscious mind, especially about meditation and self-hypnosis! This will help you develop the ways you deal with your internal self-dialogue, why? Because the words become thoughts, then change into habits, then attitudes, then beliefs, then convictions! Finally, they become practices that turn into an addiction!

  2 - Optimization of the five sensesLet's follow a kind of subconscious mind training! But you should believe in your subconscious memory power that will, surely, enable you to get good results! Think and imagine these results as if they are already done! The best time to do that is when lying to sleep! Imagination is a great power that can help you meet great goals! So, let's manage it in a professional way! Make it as a concrete tool, and enclose it to your daily planning!

   a - Hearing optimization: The ear is a direct bridge that leads to our internal depth! That's why you should optimize your hearings by avoiding undesirable sounds, boards of gossip and absenteeism, etc! Try to avoid exposing your ear to suspicious news!

  b - Sight optimization: The eye is a trustful reality copier! For your best, try to optimize your alive lens, and select what to see and watch! Why, because this will shape your future lifestyle, taste, choice, etc! You often see many persons who focus on discovering what happened in the street! They care about accidents, conjugal conflictsetc! They, also focus on watching trivial videos, why?! Because, earlier, they have formulated their taste to get this shape! They have done a subconscious mind reprogramming process, either they mean it or not! Here you can note that it's easy to meet negative results, but positive ones, such as weight loss, are the easiest ones! It's a question of belief in your subliminal mind power!

  c - Taste optimization: Try to search for healthy tastesDo you believe that a natural healthy meal is the best subconscious mind therapy..?! To make sure, try to remember the time you ate natural food, and the day you got doses of bitterness..! Are alive food and died one the same?! There's a big difference between the words feed and nourish..! Most of the physiological and psychological troubles are an outcome of unhealthy nutrition and unhealthy nutritive system; if not all!

c - 1 - Speech optimizationTry to focus on using good and positive words! Know that when you try phishing others' mistakes, or using negative words, or surfing in gossip and absenteeism, to harm someone, you only harm yourself, first and most! Try to avoid being an excessive profanity producing machine!

  3 - Sports practiceOf course, it's an important source, besides chosen types of legal entertainment! Try to exercise in a way where all your body systems and aspects get engaged! Prepare your inner self before starting! Try to look for special subconscious mind exercises that help you, entirely, optimize your state of beingBy the way, a very good planned optimization of the subconscious mind helps to cure difficult health disorders, like impotence and frigidity!

How to optimize your mind, using emotional and spiritual strategies.

       It's clear that good emotions help upgrade the life satisfaction level! We are often exposed to hard situations, but try to take it easy, how? You can think, first, about your part of involvement in your real difficulty! Be frank and admit your shortening, and then you'll feel great ease! In addition, try to surround yourself with positive persons to enhance your optimistic sensations! The preferred strategy to get higher happiness doses is to visit relatives and patients too, either you know them or not!

           Moreover, try to take care of animals! When you nourish or touch a cat, a dog.., there happens a great positive change in your entire body! You do a natural optimization for your feelings and thoughts! Remember that animals don't cause any kind of disease or infection! That's, just, one of the prevailing inherited fallacies!

         Finally, think deeply about the cornerstone; spirituality! I believe that it's the essential trusty guide to meet great subconscious mind mastery! Because a good regular practice of worshipping is the best mind, body, and soul regulator, at all! Note that a lack or absence of this part will create a big gap, a real hindrance towards optimization!

         In general, if you want to optimize your entire life, you should focus on the green side! And remember that everything's easy to reach! All you need is a bit of trustworthiness, engagement, persistence, perseverance, etc! Your present state of being is a mirror of what you focus on! In order to optimize it, try to apply these recommendations for 21 days! I promise you great results! Please remember, if you say I can you are right, and you say I can't you are right too! So try to pick the best choice! I will be so glad to hear about your positive change!

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