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Why gratis is the biggest obstacle to progress

Why gratis is the biggest obstacle to progress

                 Everybody likes to get things for gratis, meaning to have what he/she wants but for free! It is something completely natural! But when we adopt gratis based thinking, we feed a kind of obsessing psychological structure! The fact that changes to a dependency syndrome which will become a real hindrance to progress!
Why gratis is the biggest obstacle to progress
Why gratis is the biggest obstacle to progress

Why do we become gratis dependent most of the time

            In fact, getting things per gratis is a malicious habit that psychologists classify as an acquired behavior! Children get it in their earlier birth time! When a three-month baby cries and gets frequent immediate attention, he/she puts the first step in this shameful pathway! This negative behavior grows up in parallel as far as a parent can't or don't know how and when to say no! They feel confused between the fear of bad consequences if they don't meet all their children's freely needs, and the same thing if they do!

     Day by day, gratis attitude changes to a bad habit! But the strange paradox's that the concerned person, who deals with this bad attitude as being his/her best behavior, can't recognize his/her unacceptable behavior! So, he/she defends it as if free of charge is a legal right! This person thinks that he/she is on the right way and the other, one who can't meet his/her needs, is ugly! That's why persons, who used to get many services gratis, often acquire other negative habits! They use to pilfer, steal, and fraud, each time they fail meeting goals as free as possible! Persons, like those, are negative citizens who can't take part in the world economic progress! They don't think of saving the world where they live! Moreover, they cause noticeable underdevelopment all around the world!

Why people don't keep success 

             Most of the people, living on the gratis principle, can't make a positive change in their lives! Even if they do they can't keep it up for a long time! We can't build a kingdom of success with paying nothing; it is not so easy or free as in speech! Everything has a price to pay for, and if you do so you will get good results! For example, when a father finances a project for his son, who used to live on dependency, there is a high chance that this son will fail! Failure will happen sooner or later because he didn't do any effort in money-making!

          Some parents commit a big mistake when they think so and the worst thing they usually present for a gratis-dependent person (son/daughter) is that they help him/her getting married for the sake of changing their lives!

How to adopt a conviction to improve your living

          It's worth knowing there's nothing called gratis use, nothing's free foreverIf you want it you have to work for it! Even in breathing, if you don't give CO2 you can't get O2! Try to keep away from the mind of the poorIn fact, it's a destructive inherited culture, that is deeply planted in the subconscious mind! It prevents people from meeting a success! Let, even, gratis copy down and try to pay for everything you need! Then you will see real tangible positive results! When you pay for something you will feel power, freedom, value, relevance! You can touch the difference between the two moral concepts "free and paid" when you want to make money online! If you want to feel success, to live successfully, and to keep up success, pay for anything you need on the internet, whatever the price is!

         Life, in general, is a complementarity between principles of fair exchange and integration values! No one can take advantage of gratis payment for a lifetime! Bear in mind that when you got things for free, most of the time, you have stolen somebody's efforts!

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