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What about beauty as a ruling on value

What about beauty as a ruling on value

               We live in a world that is full of rich unlimited beauty! We never stop talking about it as far as it surrounds as! Whenever we want to buy, give, or get something, we think about this natural moral value! Because it is a part of the human feeling! But, does it exist as an absolute fact?! Is it a relative concept that has a particular connexion with each one's point of view?! Is there any universal common beauty criterion?! Are we sure we get good things, depending on our invented beauty standards, as reference?! When we invent such moral eclectic tool, we become unfair towards our selves, and more with others! Especially when we want to get married, to hire someone, to nominate or crown someone?! Is it logic to make hasty preference judgments?!

What about beauty as a ruling on value
What about beauty as a ruling on value

How can beauty invented standards reshape human life

          Allah (our creator) says in the Holy Quran: We have created the human being in the best entire body-formOf course, there are some exceptions! For example, it's prohibited to eat the flesh of some animals, to drink some liquids, etc! But they are easy to define, even a little boy can, instinctively, decrypt them! So, all the universe is an exclusive natural foundation makeup! What happens next is a result of truth-twisting, committed by the human being! Why? Because as we inherit good ideas from our ancestors, we also inherit a lot of fallaciesThese delusions were engraved in the subconscious mind for which we should make an early checkup! It is generous and desirable to think about health and beauty when we qualify something as beautiful! But the strange illusion is to say "this thing is better than this one"! Especially when it comes to human beings! Of course, we unconsciously do this, due to our vagary! I mean the phase of egoism that exists in any human being!
          We often focus on the appearing features, that get beautified by many makeup products!  It's unjust to judge anybody to belong to a group of niceness or not! Here, we forget about ourselves, and we don't think that we all are equal! We can, only, distinguish between people due to the level of everybody's piety, which's the true beauty supplyBut who can know or decide upon someone's piety degree?! Only Allah (our creator) can, as far as it is a fact of prescience! We don't wonder about the reversed preference equationIf we treat other people inappropriately, we will undergo the same laboratory test, one day! Because we consider them as a stack of tools to choose the best of! So we have to wonder about this question "Can we accept undergoing this test"?!

            In my opinion, to classify human beings on the appearance standards, we have to collect full comprehensive information about the person under test! Which is, in fact, totally impossible! The one, who decides to put someone under a test, requires being a perfect person! You know that's the fantasy illusionSurely you know a lot of open-minded people! So, you can analyze if they randomly judge people up to these delusions! It's not necessary that these brilliant persons belong to highly educated classes! Most of the illiterate persons don't use these negative standards!

What are the consequences of random ready beauty judgments

           As far as we are living in a beautiful universe, we have to avoid judging anyone through such an uncontrolled scale! Why, because we, simultaneously, misjudge the two attendants parties! Moreover, we say something that we don't know! We never expect the future results, either on the elected person or on the rest (the secondary category)! When we organize a contest to choose a beauty queen, we choose the referees committee to pick nice girls! This comity gathers persons with different backgrounds, ways of thinking, tendencies! These persons will generate imaginary judgments upon girls they don't know! Besides, the audience does the same thing too! Moreover, they rely on choosing between faces that get reformulated by wholesale makeup! They select bodies that get shaped by some specific clothes! By the end, we get an elected queen that we often wonder how that has happened! Note that they choose, only, one winner or maybe three, and losers are in thousands or millions!

             Could you imagine the residues of such a contest?! I think that the two parties share equivalent losses! Do you agree with me?! The contest selected girl will undergo a total negative change! The simplest thing she can acquire is egoism, arrogance, excessive feeling of excellence! These strange attitudes will negatively impact all her surroundings! What will happen to the caravan of the contest loser girls?  Firstly, they had spent a lot of money shopping for beauty products in supermarkets! They were looking for the expensive makeup brushes, lipstick?! Here, the side-effects are more difficult to the limit of creating mental troubles that cause diverse organic diseases! Especially that the contest competitors girls are mostly teenagers! And you know how fragile is the human immunity during this sensitive stage! So, rarely a contest loser girl can stand her ground!

What's the right sense of beauty

            We always hear and say "beauty is as beauty does, beauty is in the eye of the beholder"! It is a matter of mind cleanliness, soul purity, and behavior elegance, but we often surf in delusion! Did it happen to you to judge someone of being unkind, depending on the body features?! But, as you get in close contact with this person, you discover that you were mistaken! Did you regret that?! But even so, it happens all the time!
          To classify human beings through body criterion or cosmetics effects, that get developed by human beings, is the hardest injustice towards human dignity! We should get rid of these strange habits, that lead to contempt, exclusion, marginalization, etc! Before classifying someone, we have to imagine somebody's doing the same thing for us! So, we can feel the negative impact, and then, we'll let this habit down!

PS: I think that the best beauty recommendations focus on soul puritySo, I can't include human beings' content photos in this article! Otherwise, I will fall into the trap of fallacies, delusion, misconception, misinterpretation, etc
       Please, remember that Allah, our creator, has created everybody on the best entire state! Therefore, nature content photos are the best beauty referral products, I guess! So, let's focus more on ethics, speech, and behavior's elegance, etc! Am I all right?!

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