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How to accommodate gender equality?!

           We often hear divers kinds of calls for gender equality all around the world! It's clear that they create great change in men's and women's functions! Consequently, this change, also, affects the whole human relationshipsBut do physical differences between man and woman result in gender preference?! Do men or women monopolize all, or most, rights?! Do the realized changes benefit the two parties, man and woman?! Do clear and hidden differences (physical, mental, emotional, etc) shape the secret of perfect integration?!

How to accommodate gender equality
How to accommodate gender equality

An overview of the human rights pathway throughout history

        Many Centuries ago, in the era of ignorance, there were strange gender behaviors and practices! We call it Female infanticideThey used to bury newborn girls alive because of the impact of the prevailing fallacies! They were thinking that a woman is a symbol of shame, so she merits no life! Here, we can't touch the least amount of human rights! It was, totally, impossible to talk, even, about gender equality indicators at that time! But Allah (our creator) has prohibited female infanticide to make a better life for both men and women! It's a great change towards the intersex balance!  Moreover, Allah (our creator) has given valuable rights for women! However, we forget about them while we're wondering about strange fantasies and fallacies!

       Allah (our creator) has optimized the true gender stratification by giving more rights for women; for example,  the right to inheritance, to choose a husband, to get a good education! Moreover, women get exempted from the responsibility of house expenses that have been, legitimately, imposed on men! What a great privilege is! Do you touch the real sense of women empowerment, here?! The strange is that some people fall in confusion about inheritance! They think that the woman gets less than the man! However, man inherits twice of woman's right, only, in one case, and in the rest, the woman gets the big part!  

How can men and women be similar and different, simultaneously

         Allah (our creator) says what means "And not male as female"! But the wrong interpretations base their references on random comments! They focus more on inventing imaginary preferences than on creating compatible complementarity components! The right explanation, we should share, says that there are diverse differences between man and woman! But, does that lead to differentiation, marginalization, hegemony, deprivation? Does it form an integrated binary?! And what kinds of gender equality statements to talk about, and how it looks like?!

         The clear secret is that the man has some faculties in some domains, and has some weaknesses too! The same thing for the woman, but with a little physical advantage for the man! One important thing we should bear in mind is that womanhood characteristics are a special great power! Womanhood enhances women with great faculties such as patience, endurance! When the woman tries to overcome it, as being a symbol of weakness, she loses her entire existence! Because she does a kind of unnatural attempt to change her intrinsic natural power! She states that she's not satisfied with her state of being! But if she comes, one day, to decrypt the faculties she has, and then note her wealthy properties as a woman, she will regret, even, the fact of thinking about that!

How to promote gender equality rights

          There's a popular proverb that says "When he wanted to kiss his son he blinded his eye"! Allah (our creator) has singled women out with great interests! So, it's imperative to optimize the sustainable development goals of gender equality! We should update male-female equality that's compatible with the true religions!

           We should become aware of some religious fallacies that someones, with limited knowledge, publish! Due to ignorance, they try to fix some divine judgments! They try to change the legacy (the inheritance) that, in fact, serves the benefits of the woman more than the man! Some of them talk about rural women empowerment without having comprehensive knowledge in this field! We should remember the two world's trouble roots; misinformation and lack of information!

What are the consequences of the misinterpretation of gender equality issues 

            I think that it's impossible to realize an imaginary dream we call "man and woman equality", why? Because Allah (our creator) has already fixed it by creating an authentic and fair equilibrium between them! It's good for the woman to study and work! However, it's better, for her, to focus on woman special professions, like teaching, medicine! Therefore, she can keep hold of her womanhood to serve her society, and to keep in contact with her own family!

             We often notice many women fighting for their rights as if being in a struggling competition with men! They rush to work in stressful occupations that are, normally men's jobs! By doing that, they lose the most important thing, which's rearing a good generation! This's the sacred approach to education and gender equality that most women consider it to have a lower value, why? Because they care about the falsified inherited knowledge! Don't you think that the generations industry is the hardest sacred industry, forever?! Is it easy to deliver a proactive citizen?! Do you agree that woman is the great pillar of the leader society?!

             However, we notice that the woman works all day for a minimum salary! As a result, she often suffers from pregnancy troubles! She meets her children for a few hours a week! Her children don't find healthy nutrition to eat! She feeds them on industrialized food because of lack of time and lack of mother's milk, due to the everyday stress! Therefore, she fails to build strong emotional links with them! Does this situation offer the relevant wanted ways to meet gender equality?!

            The lack of breastfeeding, due to the poor management of gender equality targets, leads to a physical and emotional break! The fact that produces a strange generation, with very fragile immunity! This generation suffers from material and moral deformities, disabilities, dependency! Nobody's against gender equality! Firstly, it's an already well-done divine job! So, the last aim, we can work on, is looking for facts about women's rights! Secondly, we should gather enough knowledge about the differences and resemblances between man and woman to get a clear vision! Hence, we will set fair equality and improve our decision-making! If we come to know each other's competencies we will, surely, decrypt the life complementarity code! Do you agree with me?

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