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What Are The Mentality Of The Rich And The Mentality Of The Poor (2020)?

What Are The Mentality Of The Rich And The Mentality Of The Poor (2020)?

       In fact, I'm going to clarify the difference between the rich man's mind and the poor man's mind! Let's say, how the rich man and the poor man think and act?
       We often wonder why some people are so rich, and why other ones are living beyond the poor penniless! And sometimes we state good luck and bad luck as being the reason behind this social differentiation! But what's strange is that most people say that Allah (our creator) has distinguished between people when he gives them grace! Why, because of prevailing paralogism, the misconceptions of the meaning of Quranic verses..!

What is the mentality of the rich man and the mentality of the poor man?
What is the mentality of the rich man and the mentality of the poor man?

What's the mentality of the poor man?

       The poor man is the person who has a poor mind that often sinks in negative thinking, like:

1 - I'm unlucky, every time I try something I lose the bet. But in reality, he/she doesn't do things seriously! He/she is neither patient nor hardworking! He/she wants to jump directly from the first stair to the last floor! He/she want things for free and easily..!

2 - This person often thinks that rich people are thieves and swindlers. So he/she will never make money by fear of belonging to the thieves' list..!

3 - I need good capital to begin a business and succeed in investing! I  need enough money as far as those rich people are rich because their parents were rich, so they find it ready!

4 - There's an employment crisis all around the world. There are no job opportunities! If you want to get a job you should know someone with a higher social position, or you should give something to someone..!

5 - This idea the strangest one at all, he/she says: I'm a poor man because Allah (our creator) wants me to be so! And if I try to earn money I will commit a kind of disobedience to Allah's commands! Do you want me to be disobeyed?! This kind of mind is instinctively a victim of the theory of scarcity!

What's the mentality of the wealthy?

       The real rich man is the person who has a rich mind, a wealthy mind, and often lives with positive thinking, like:
1 - I'm Allah's preferred creäture (the human being)! Allah has created me in the best form! He has given me a great mind and great organs to be invested in working, in money-making, in providing a better lifestyle for myself and for others too..! I'll succeed in everything I try in a condition that I should deal seriously with the decision! I should be patient and hardworking to grow bigger, step by step! To earn money I should invest thought, effort, money, time, etc! I believe I'll succeed..!

2 - This person often thinks that rich people are those who are trustworthy, and those who never give up..! He/she knows it's necessary to think out of the box! He/she think big to save the world in cogent bets!

3 - I don't need any capital to succeed in investing because I already have the greatest one "The mind"! He/she's regularly practicing natural mental health checkups!

4 - There's no employment crisis at all! On the contrary, there are multiple job opportunities that we should know how to grasp! Allah says what means 'We have stock of everything, and we only dispatch it with a known amount! A known 
amount means that you will earn your living according to the effort that you are investing in! The sky does not rain with gold or silver! Do not sleep most of your time and wait for Allah, the Exalted, the Majestic, to bless you! This kind of mind believes intrinsically in the theory of abundance!

Psychologists say: If you say I can you are right, and if you say I can't you are right! So, you have the right to choose, and you are the only one responsible for your choice!
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