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Tips to update and upgrade the man-animal relationship

Tips to update and upgrade the man-animal relationship

      We often talk about preserving the environment but does everyone know how to take care of nature and organisms in a healthier way? It's obvious that all creatures were not created randomly! Allah (our creator) has not arbitrarily brought this great universe into existence! There's no doubt that there are noble goals behind this great divine creativity that, certainly, has deep links with human beings! It's certainly directed to serve human beings; food, transfer and transportation, agriculture, clothing, guard duty, entertainment, sport, show, etc! We may take care of animals and plants, but is there a special great goal behind the existence of animals on this planet?
         We can't really count all organisms' advantages but one thing we all should know: "We must thank Allah, the Almighty, for the greatness of these organisms that He has created for a great goal which's "serving the human race"! We should learn more about animal welfare culture! So, how to develop an advanced relationship between man and animal?

Tips to update and upgrade the man-animal relationship
Tips to update and upgrade the man-animal relationship

Types of organisms and how they serve human beings

1 - Livestock (camels, horses, mules, donkeys, etc) provide us with natural nutrition (meat, milk, etc), row materials to make clothes..! They help us in transfer and transportation, in agriculture, in sport and show, etc!

2 - Poultry, fish, birds.. provide us with food (meat, eggs, etc)! We use some wild birds (falcon, etc) in hunting some animals!

       In fact, I don't agree with making birds in a cage! They are created to be free, to fly in the open air, whenever and wherever they want..! Why Allah (our creator) has given them two wings?! Is it to be captured at home, in a small cage? We've got the right to hunt and eat some kinds of birds but it's unjust to capture them in small spaces!
I also don't agree with the deadly cockfight and all sport and practices that expose animals even to the least degree of danger!
I also don't agree with having fish in an aquarium at home! They are created to swim freely in oceans, seas, rivers, etc! We've got the right to fish but it's unjust to have fish in aquariums!

3 - Pets (cats, dogs, etc) are the best friends of human beings! Cats and dogs create amazing times..! Dogs provide real guarding and protection for men and goods! Even cats protect human beings (especially babies), in some ways! They protect babies from danger (falling, fire, etc)! They protect us from insects and reptiles (cockroaches, snakes, scorpions, etc) by eating what they can and expel or eliminate what is beyond their control!

What are the advantages of the human-animal partnership?

       As I said before, the existence of animals in human life creates joy, satisfaction, safety..! The fact that causes the human body to produce sufficient positive substances like hormones (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphin (DOSE), etc)! These secretions help to reanimate all human body cellulars to meet an ideal equilibrium! The fact that helps humans keep safe, heal serious diseases, prevent serious health troubles, etc!

       If you have a pet at home (a cat, a dog, etc), rarely you suffer from mental or neurological disorders such as high pressure, nervous tension, and others! A pet (animals in general) is the best remedy treatment for Insomnia, headache, tension, appetite disorder, hormonal imbalance, especially in women, etc!
That's the great secret behind Allah's creation of animals, plants, etc!
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What's the outcome of the new researches that deals with animals?

       Today we note the emergence of a new therapeutic technique that depends on animal-assisted therapy. It has proven (especially pet therapy) its efficacy in healing serious diseases that were difficult before! 

In fact, human beings have been spontaneously practicing this technique, and they get good results even if they ignore their scientific dimensions! They were intrinsically optimizing their immune system

       Moreover, they work spontaneously on healing serious diseases without previous attention to meet a special goal like that! Humans were and will be deeply connected to animals because they unconsciously achieve great objectives that strengthen the immune system!

How animals help us meet inner peace and improve the level of safety?    

     If we want to live in consistent inner peace and upgrade the safety percentage, we should first know the right role of animals and plants in humans' life! Besides, we should review and renew the environmental culture we adopt! 

Let's upgrade our behavior towards the environment to optimize the awareness level and improve mental maturity!

In my opinion, it's the best way to boost the immune system! This strategy is the best doctor that can heal diseases said to be incurable!!
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How to achieve maturity and improve human awareness of animals?

Here are some valuable recommendations! I hope they help:
A - Get rid of all inherited negative thoughts that are based on misconception and lack of information, like:

a - 1: Animals cause serious diseases to human beings! Most people think that animal fur is one of the reasons for many human health troubles!

a - 2: Animals are impure organisms! So, we should keep them far away!

       A misleading religious ready judgment that prevails in some Islamic communities! The illusion says "If you touch an animal, especially a dog, you should renew your ablution when you want to pray"! This is one of the strangest fallacies that I'll explain next!

How to achieve peaceful coexistence between humans and pets?

1 - Try to rectify the inherited false convictions to consolidate your relationship with animals! We should know that they are smarter than we think! Know that they own advanced natural checking tools! They have skills that allow them to decrypt your feelings and intentions from a long distance! They own natural knowledge about physiognomy allowing them to read human thoughts and feelings.

2 - Keep away from the illusions of ranking thought like: "The animal is an unreasonable creature"! If you get a look at new discoveries about animals and insects you'll be really astonished! Try to have a look at some documentary videos about the community of bees, ants, and flowers that hunt insects in very astonishing ways!

3 - Know that animals (dogs, cats, etc) never cause any kind of diseases to human beings! Contrarily, they help us achieve an integrated balance of all human body systems. The fact that lead to cancer cells burning and enable humans to eliminate all toxins accumulated in the body!

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So, the outcome of this sacred natural mission is always positiveinactive cells awakening (sleeping cells), human immune system strengthening in face of all health troubles!

Are animals really unclean organisms and home to germs and microbes?

       Of course not! It's time to correct this misconception, and deny this fallacy! Frankly speaking, this wrong inherited culture spreads mostly in Islamic communities! Unfortunately, it concerns the most faithful animal to humans "the dog"!

       This fallacy states that "If a Muslim touch a dog he/she must redo the ablution when he/she wants to pray"! Why, because they fancy that the dog is an unclean creature!

       Let's consider why Allah (our creator) has mentioned the presence of the dog with the cavemen in Surat "the People of the Cave" in the Holy Quran? Can it be a simple coincidence, or there're great implied lessons and wisdom?!

       It's clear that all Quran words have both clear and implied meanings! This means the dog is a clean, safe, and sound creature! Do you think there's any value more important than faithfulness? Is any other creature more faithful to human beings than dogs?!

Do animals (cats, dogs, etc) cause harm to humans?

       Do you believe that your simple touch for the animal's head can be your special savior from health disorders? Do you agree that petting an animal is one of the best human body balancing tools? Personally, I believe it to create greater miraculous changes than that!

       What's great is that most people do it spontaneously and get great health benefits without having any previous clear idea about that! So, if you pet a cat or a dog, never rush to wash your hands by fear of germs and microbes. Never get the feeling of disgust from animals or fear of getting sick! Do it spontaneously or let it down definitively! Why, because animals know that! They own an advanced Polygraph that allows them to decipher human intentions!

       If you happen to be sick after petting an animal, do not suspect this nice creature! It's worth remembering these two causes of all world troubles and illnesses: a - Unhealthy nutrition. b - unhealthy lifestyle! Nutrition includes both physical and moral nourishment!

       You can only get sick if you allow obsessive thoughts, delusions, and suspicions, to take control of you! We live on what we believe in! If you happen to get slightly injure with claws when you pet a cat, do not punish it violently and madly! Know that it only tries to express its love for you!

What're the best techniques of pet breeding

         To meet an ideal moral safety and physical health we should know about the best ways to breed a cat and the best guidelines for dog training! Here are some recommendations:

1 - Focus on dealing humanly with pets as far as they own advanced skill decrypting your feelings as well as your intentions! Avoid saying "this is just an unreasonable creature"! If it happens to a pet to scratch you or even bit slightly, know that you have despised him or disgusted him! Human babies also possess these distinctive natural skills! If a little baby comes laughing at you, know that you are a good person! If he/she cries and runs away, know that you have to rectify your behavior!

2 - Don't feed pets on leftover food or expired industrial food, because they know that! Do you think it strange? Absolutely not! Pets (and all animals) have very great distinction ability! If they eat invalid food then know it's due to hunger!

3 - In the night, don't expel your pet to sleep far away! Know that they understand if you really care about them or not!

How can humans befriend predators to meet peaceful coexistence?

        This mission is primarily mankind's business! The human being who is concerned with this initiative! Here are some steps to update man's communication with animals:

First step: Try to understand the nature of the predator! Try to grasp the predation characteristic of a predator! This means it's not intentioned aggression feeling towards you, personally! I consider a good understanding of this feature as being the right starting point of a successful man-animal relationship!

       In some civilized nations (intellectually), they don't kill the predator that has killed or injured a member of their families! They are aware of this animal behavior!

Second step: Try, step-by-step, to overcome pathological fear from predators! It demands practice, consistency, etc to learn how to absorb the predator's predation instinct!

        In the beginning, it's normal to feel fear or even frightened, but the most important thing is to work on clarifying the mind of negative thoughts and cleanse oneself from the insidious intention of treachery!

       Otherwise, there's a big possibility to undergo a surprise attack! So let's set this idea in your subconscious mind to be decrypted by the predator: "I'll I will seek to gain the trust of this wonderful animal. If this nice creature injures me, I avow that it's my mistake and my failure to clean my thoughts and feelings towards him! So, I'll forgive this smart creature whatever happens"!
Suspicious characteristics to avoid: Backbiting, gossip, Germophobia, slander, lying, treachery, vanity, selfishness, bullying, etc!

Third step: Follow the rule of "Go towards it rather than run away from it"! This means you should work on how to become on good terms with predators and not how to control them or run away from them!

       This step demands serious work on how to develop moral skills like optimism, self-confidence, calm, persistence, clearance, good intention, courage, nerve control, self-control, patience, positive thinking, etc!

       So, the secret depends on your self-cleaning degree to help the predator detect your inner good intentions only!
This is how any animal gets to know you then, and how it feels in peace! So, as far as it doesn't feel like any threat, it won't attack you!

Are included in the predator's favorite prey list?

       Of course not! As I said before, the animal owns the best analytics lab that allows it to invest an early check-up for whom it meets! They sometimes attack humans because they detect suspicious intentions, and then they feel in danger! What they do is a reaction and not an action! You come sometimes to pass safely near a snack, why? Because it knows that you have not decided to hurt it!

       I don't say that I perfectly apply these recommendations nor that I master these skills, but I try all my best even with pets as a preparatory stage to get qualified for a good deal with predators. If you believe it you can do it! It's a question of persistence, discipline, decision-making, and a deep belief in reaching the intended results!

Here're my favorite inspiring books! I hope you like some of them:

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I welcome your comments, suggestions, and advice to continue learning and creativity!
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