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How to Boost Your Immune System during the World's Health Crisis 2020

How to Boost Your Immune System during the World's Health Crisis 2020

       First of all, we need to know that there are only two reasons for any trouble, illness, etc; Misinformation (or misconception) and lack of information..! Besides, these two factors give birth to two secondary, but basic reasons; Unhealthy nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle..! Note that there's a mutual exchange between all human body systems! Therefore, all worsening psychological troubles become organic diseases, and vice versa!
       So, whatever the fact is, there're some simple health care guidelines to follow..! They can help you stay healthy, heal diseases, and strengthen your immune system to protect yourself against any health trouble and meet health and safety.
And make sure if you say it's easy to meet a great objective like that, you're right, and you think not, you're also right. It doesn't demand neither a high educational level nor a qualified scientific certification! All you need is to think smart and to reactivate your natural human instinct. Remember that "We live on what we believe in"!

How to Boost Your Immune System during the World's Health Crisis 2020
How to Boost Your Immune System during the World's Health Crisis 2020

Is trust in the strength of the immune system sufficient to meet health safety?

Of course! To meet a great goal like strengthening the global immune system there're some easy instructions to care about:

A - Stay humble and keep cool whatever happens; even if you're a witness of a situation! Never be easy access! Try to get rid of fear, and, especially, focus on doubt defeat! Believe in yourself as if your immune system is strong 100%, and you really are!! Belief is the Boss!

B - Avoid any kind of synthetic food, junk food, freezy drinks, fries, genetically modifies livestock, genetically modified poultry, etc! In general, try to avoid any human-made food..!

C - Avoid bad habits like:
     c - 1: Sleeping so late and waking up late too! This is how all human body systems become so idle and weak!
     c - 2: Focusing on negative thoughts most of the time! This causes serious troubles for both mind and body!
     c - 3: Bad company that negatively impact your way of thinking as well as your way of living!

How can the subconscious mind be a lifejacket towards lifelong safety?

       Psychologists say that the subconscious mind consists of more than 90% of the whole human mind, while the conscious mind (the analytic mind) consists of less than 10%! For this reason, we should devote much attention to the first one as being our lifeboat towards safety. It's considered to be the human life's conductor! Here're some health recommendations:

A - Remember that "If you say I can you're right, and if you say I can't you're right too"! So, you're free and not directed or obligated! You're the leader of your own life!

B - To enable this great skill and become able to make the right choices, there's one of the best accesses; "Learning, learning, and learning, especially through smart reading"! Knowledge is the best doctor! Let's say the best protector and healer!

C - Never depend on anyone to understand or decipher anything! You've got a great grace, which's the most important feature that Allah (our creator) has assigned to mankind; "The mind"! Whatever your schooling level is, even illiterate, try to think, wonder, check, verify, ask, etc wherever the information resource is!

How to achieve a harmonic connexion between protection and healing?

       Normally, protection and healing are friendly partners who share the same crossroads leading to safety! It's a matter that's based on two crucial pillars: Nutrition quality and lifestyle quality! But what happened is that we're lost behind suspicious information coming from untrustworthy sources!

       In my opinion, to keep safe or heal oneself depends on each individual's awareness level! So, how to develop this skill? We can meet advanced awareness quality firstly by following the previous instructions, then by:

A - Healthy physical nutrition: To succeed in both protecting and healing oneself we should live on healthy food (natural food, bio food products, etc)!

B - Healthy moral nutrition: When we come to select the right information we work on nourishing our subconscious mind! A good nourishment helps us improve our awareness level! A developed awareness level enables us to make the right decision, and then select the right physical food! It also helps us to optimize the daily habits we adopt! Besides, it enables us to decrypt any suspicious food, be it a physical or moral one!

NB: To stay safe as long as possible, try to fill your time by reading, sport practice, healthy nutrition, deep breathing practice, etc! All that helps develop the law of attraction allowing you to attract positive things (the mentality of the rich man) to your life! This's the best way to strengthen your immune system against any troubles!

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I welcome your comments, suggestions, and advice to continue learning and creativity!
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