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How To Put First Things First To Achieve Personal Objectives (2021)?

How To Put First Things First To Achieve Personal Objectives (2021)?

       Everybody thinks about how to put first things first to achieve personal objectives in each stage of his/her life, and hopes to fulfill them as soon as possible! But there're two kinds of human beings; those who dream and realize their dreams and then meet special goals, and those who keep dreaming forever meeting the least things, if they don't mostly fail, why? First, because they don't believe in themselves as far as they don't trust their skills! Second, they fear success! They feel satisfied with their shorthand and limited visualization! Moreover, they can't imagine their lives as rich men! So, they live in a locked square enjoying the rest zone! They consider any simple change as being a threat to their fragile stability! So, let's be aware of the mentality of the rich man and the mentality of the poor man!
Please, check a video at the bottom of this post, in which I read this exclusive topic in the English language and translate it into the Arabic language to help non-native English speakers to understand the English language and to help non-native Arabic speakers to understand the Arabic language! The main aim is to ease understandability.

How To Put First Things First To Achieve Personal Objectives (2021)_
How To Put First Things First To Achieve Personal Objectives (2021)

How can fallacies and misconceptions be a hinder to development?

       Most people follow the Precautions plan trying to be aware of any expected change for fear of losing what they think they own due to some child-rearing strategies! But they ignore that by doing so they put their first step in the corridor of failure! Why, because of the misleading idea concluding that we should be arbitrarily concerned with what we own! Most people think that their present state is the highest level they can ever reach! Therefore, they settle down as an expression of gratefulness that, in reality, reveals their inability!
       Besides, most people can't meet their goals because they deeply believe that they should have some help from someone, some intermediary persons who have power, something (money, gift, etc) to give to someone to facilitate such access..!
       We should believe in the law of abundance and forget about the law of scarcity! Allah, the merciful, says "We've safes for everything but We don't deliver it unless following an organized system"! So, Allah delivers grace upon set criteria summarised in this clear law "you get as you offer" or "you get as you give" no more nor less!

Do religious misinterpretations prevent positive change?

       Most people can't achieve personal objectives or fail to meet success because they seriously depend on diverse logical fallacies and misconceptions, misinterpretation, ready judgments.. published by some imams, Clergy, scientists, doctors..!
       One of the most famous logical fallacies that hinder most Muslim people from achieving goals is this saying "Allah, the merciful, mercies the one who comes to know his/herself! This means the one who comes to know his/her real skills, i.e his/her Capacity limits!

       So, the subconscious mind got redirected by these delusions to prevent such individuals from goals accomplishmentIn addition to the misleading interpretation of Quran verses, especially this one "Allah gives grace to whoever wants"! Most interpretations say that Allah selects some individuals to get His grace, which, in fact, is not true, why? If this's the right meaning then we conclude that Allah gives grace to some individuals and deprives others! 

       However, the skilled scientists interpret this Quranic verse as follow: Allah gives grace to the person who wants grace, but how come? Does Allah respond to anybody who is often asking for grace? No, but Allah gives grace as a recompense, as a reward to persons who work hard, who work seriously, who serve the Public interest, who master their job, etc! Let's be aware of the value of upgrading the school education!

       Life is managed by the law of exchange, we get as we give! To stay alive, we have to practice The process of inhalation and exhalation, meaning If we don't put out carbon dioxide, we won't breathe in oxygen, otherwise we'll die! In life, nothing is for free, you can't be useless and earn money! There's the most equitable judge, Allah, who perfectly rewards anyone deserving awards and directs him/her to Achieve Personal Objectives!

In this video, I read this exclusive topic in the English language and translate it into the Arabic language to help non-native English speakers to understand the English language and to help non-native Arabic speakers to understand the Arabic language! The main aim is to ease understandability.

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