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A Course On Teaching English, French, And Arabic Language (2021)

A course On Teaching English, French, And Arabic Language (2021)

       Hi everyone and a big welcome to my blogger website and my Youtube Channel! If the Arabic language, the English language, or the French language is your second or third language and you are trying to learn it and why not master it, or you are a fan of Arabic calligraphy or English calligraphy, or you are interested in the fallacies correction and the misconceptions correction, then you find yourself browsing this website "Mind Fitness" Or this Channel "Mind Fitness", so, know, dear reader and viewer, that you are at the right address! Then, welcome to creativity and excellence without siding!
With me, you will learn the reading skillswriting skills, and speaking skills in these three languages ​​step by step, accurately, and effectively. Just for reference, all educational methodologies and teaching strategies, that I adopt, are derived from the latest modern education methodologies that derive from the school of success, but with a personal touch of simplifying and clarifying ambiguities in order to enable all educational levels to understand and absorb the exclusive content, I offer!

A course On Teaching Arabic, French, And English Language (2021)
A course On Teaching Arabic, French, And English Language (2021)

Academic diplomas and the field of self-education

       After obtaining my baccalaureateSpecialization in modern literature, I studied the English language at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Fez Saiss, Morocco, where I obtained my BA in English Language, Option of Linguistics! I also obtained a diploma in English language teaching, secondary qualifying level, from a private institution in the city of Casablanca, recognized by the state, and known for its competent tutors and its strict system of attendance, discipline, and aptitude! The place where I had the opportunity to develop my knowledge in the sciences of educationchild psychology, teaching methods, communication strategies, pedagogy, class management, lesson planning, assessment, and academic evaluation skills in their holistic meaning! 

       Frankly speaking, I've learned so many skills in this institution, either through the subjects prescribed in the training phase or the practical training coupled with the provision of model lessons within the partner institutions, or the tasks of summarizing all the courses of the secondary level of the baccalaureate, in English language division, and developing special planning for each of the three-year baccalaureate course, or summarizing all of the subjects taught in the training phase, or the presentation and discussion of the research at the graduation stage, or the presentation of the model lesson during the oral examination at the end of the training phase..!

       I've always been interested in the field of creative writing and drawing, especially the art of Arabic calligraphy and the art of English calligraphy, but I was wondering about the method of publishing this work! And I never imagined the emergence of this new platform "the Internet", smartly connecting people all over the world, especially the emergence of these great global communication platforms "Google", "Blogger", "YouTube", and all other Google Tools carrying out the task of competencies assessment, skills estimating, and talents reward!

       I respect all types of readers and viewers, and I strive to provide exclusive articles and tutorials to all people to take advantage of these three languages: Arabic, English, or French! The goal is to help non-native speakers of English learn the English language, to help non-native Arabic speakers to learn the Arabic language, and to help non-native French speakers to learn the French language! The ultimate goal is to facilitate understanding.

       I strongly believe in “easy come easy go” but what is exclusive, real, original, authentic, sincere, trustworthy.. lasts forever, and grows more and more..!

     I've never resorted to any illegal methods in the school exams, during my entire study pathway, to meet success because I consider it as self-defeating; especially when someone is known as a diligent student! In this case, the less-discovered twisted way will classify a hard-working student in the list of successful students who depend on improper ways..! And, by the end, the results will become like a mirage that disappears quickly, but the bad reputation lasts forever..!

       I've got a good knowledge of education, teaching, Internet, sports and fitness, psychology, philosophy, logic, fallacies correction (Paralogism correction), misconceptions reforming, self-development, healthy nutrition, pathology, health care, and the power of the subconscious mind, in both Arabic, French, and English language. So, I want to share this knowledge with people to help improve the human immune system, develop the learner competencies, develop the teaching skills, raise the level of school education and optimize the goals setting strategies...! The ultimate goal is to raise the level of human awareness, and to promote health safety throughout the world! I mean safety in its holistic sense.

What qualities readers and viewers should own?

       An outstanding goal requires distinguished effort! If you are someone of patience, perseverance, and farsightedness, and you are a fan of healthy homemade meals, I mean if you give priority to quality, elaborate work, and pure exclusive content.. even if it takes you a long time; then, know, dear reader or viewer, that you are in the right place!

       However, if you are someone who is a fan of speed, haste, and jumping over stages, or you are a fan of fast food, and you like getting ready-made things that have limited validity, so, please, do not waste your time with me, and remember that "easy come easy go"!

       Imagine if you know a skillful painter, and you spent, with him, all the long moments he took to draw a painting in which he personified important moments in his life, landscapes that impressed him, or a specific personality that impacted his life! Imagine if you lived, you two, all the memories, stories, and feelings that motivated that painter to create this masterpiece, and after he finished drawing it, you greatly admired it!

       Then you feel the need to buy that painting from your friend, the painter, and you know that he is very attached to it because of the great interest that it represents to him! You are almost sure he will refuse to sell the painting
       But when you offered him to buy the painting and the big surprise is that he refused to sell it to you, but he decided to give it to you as a gift for free, by virtue of the strong friendship that binds you together! 
       But you insisted that he should ask for financial compensation! In your opinion, would you pay him any price that he may ask you for that painting?! I have a great belief that you will pay him any price he may ask for, and you may increase the price, why?

First: Because you know that he painted this painting with precision and focus, and he embodied special things in it, that are points of interest in his life!

Second: Because you know the long time he spent drawing this painting, which means that you are absolutely certain about the quality, and the validity!

       So, it's quite natural that you will feel all the appreciation and respect for both the painting and the painter! It's natural, as well, that the admiration you feel towards this painting will be renewable continuously! It's also natural that you will put that painting in the best safe place so you can look at it often, right?

       On the other hand, imagine if you were passing by a city street, and you saw a painter sitting on a chair on the sidewalk while he was drawing a painting in a very fast way! Even if you liked that painting and decided to buy it, this admiration is, mostly, just a fleeting feeling that will quickly fade away! Then you will neglect that painting, or use it as a frame on which you hang some personal pictures, why?

First: Because that painter paints paintings and exposes them for sale directly,! His goal is mainly to trade, and that's why he did not give the drawing process that sufficient attention, and thus, he took a short time to paint them!

Second: This painting does not contain any stories, memories, or feelings that have a link either with the painter or with you!

Third: Because you are not convinced of the availability of these elements: quality, workmanship, and validity!

       In my own opinion, these are some of the big differences between the exclusive product whose owner has been seriously working on and investing great efforts during many years of study, research, and scientific achievement and the ready-made product that is the Outcome of a very short time and limited effort!

       No two mature individuals will disagree about the excellence, honesty, and quality provided by any exclusive content as long as it has been collected according to personal effort and in a very long time..!

Dear reader or viewer:

       If you find, in this exclusive work, a kind of excellence, insightful vision, and proactive analysis, then welcome to you as a follower of these exclusive topics on my website "Mind Fitness" for creativity and enlightenment, whether you are interested in the Arabic language or the English language!

       And if you honored us by subscribing to the Mind Fitness Youtube Channel, please, try to activate the bell feature so that you can receive a notification as soon as I release a new video! I will be so grateful if you share my Youtube videos with your friends by clicking on the "Share" icon, then send the video via social media icons! You can express your admiration by clicking on the "Like" icon! But the most important thing for me is that you write a comment in the comments box below the video; Tips, inquiriescriticisms, etc.. so that I can fix what needs to be fixed and upgrade what is good, and thank you very much!

To know more in the Arabic language, please click here, in the Arabic language, click here
I hope to meet the expectations of every reader, and I welcome your comments, inquiries, and advice, to continue learning and creativity!
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