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Top Tips To Stay Safe And Keep Healthy Forever (2021)

Top Tips To Stay Safe And Keep Healthy Forever (2021)

       We often talk and hope to meet global health, reach advanced safety, and live a happy life! We all dream of a life paradise and, moreover, a hereafter paradise too! But we mostly keep close to dreaming rather than working seriously on how to achieve a special goal like that! We mostly focus on the imagination square and forget about setting plans to achieve a purpose as important as living in an eternal paradise!
As you know, there's a mutual impact between all human body apparatuses, and if one apparatus is harmed or polluted the rest get negatively affected! So, how to stay safe forever?
Please, check a video at the bottom of this post, in which I read this exclusive topic in the English language and translate it into the Arabic language to help non-native English speakers to understand the English language and to help non-native Arabic speakers to understand the Arabic language! The main aim is to ease understandability.

Top Tips To Stay Safe And Keep Healthy Forever (2021)
Top Tips To Stay Safe And Keep Healthy Forever (2021)

How to meet a healthy mind and stay safe forever (2021)?

Best tips to keep a mind as younger as possible:

1 - It's excellent to clear your mind of any negative thoughts, false ideas, logical fallacies, hasty ready judgments, unhealthy intentions, etc.! Why? Because they are the most dangerous viruses and the most harmful infections at all!

2 - Fill out your Subconscious mind with positive thoughts, useful pieces of information, good intentions, fruitful ideas, etc!

3 - Don't give up, never lose hope for a better life! Meanwhile, keep optimistic and be satisfied with your present state of being and work hard to improve your life out of any pressureYour state of being is a choice!

4 - Believe in yourself and trust your skills to fulfill your goals! Think of your goals as if are already achieved! Belief is a crucial key to opening any closed door!

5 - Forgive others' mistakes but before that, you should forgive yourself in the condition not to repeat the same mistake again and again!

6 - Think out of the box and focus on the green side! Remember that in every cloud there's a silver lining!

7 - Be aware of logical fallacies such as the heresy of healing by the Quran, islamic exorcism, or the treatment with the Quran; genetics, genetic diseases or hereditary disease, and dysmorphic syndromes, chronic diseases, infectious diseases, etc! Let's have an idea about medical ethics principles!

How to meet a healthy body and stay safe forever (2021)?

1 - Avoid synthetic food, fast food, junk food, fizzy drinks, fries, genetically modified poultrygenetically modified cattle.. to keep safe!

2 - Avoid using plastic pots and aluminum tools!

3 - Avoid drinking cold water from the fridge, why? Because it harms the throat, kidney, liver, intestines, etc! It's a kind of burning by a cold substance!

4 - Avoid manufactured cosmetics as well as Medicines or pharmaceuticals as far as they contain chemical substances that harm the skin pores, hair, nails, hairbreadth, capillaries, teeth..! Moreover, they harm the senses and that's why our hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch weaken or deteriorate most of the time!

5 - Focus on natural food, especially homemade natural bread made of natural wheat plus bran plus natural yeast! Besides, to keep safe, healthy, shining, vital... it's recommended to have the Virgin olive oil in all-day natural meals! Then, let's remember the great value of natural wild chickens and their eggs, ghee, natural honey, fresh fish, Fenugreek, and all-natural herbs!

6 - Practice sports regularly but in the open air and avoid any synthetic proteins!

7 - Practice optimal deep breathing to renew your physical energy and boost your immune system!

8 - Take care of the cleanliness and focus on the use of natural products in the shower to stay safe!

9 - Take care of animals and remember that Allah, the creator, has created animals for our benefit. But, how can animals help humans keep safe and feel happy!

10 - Avoid smoking addition and all bad habits as far as they cause serious health troubles!

How to meet a healthy soul and stay safe forever (2021)?

1 - Practice the Religious Rites with deep conviction is the best self-healing ever! Let's focus on religion as worship and not as a habit!

2 - Regular fasting is very useful to maintain health, especially for women seeking to meet a responsive beauty!

3 - Prayer is one of the essential religious rituals to keep a healthy soul and stay safe, especially the prayer of the early morning! It has multiple positive effects on the human being as a whole body!

4 - Try reading the holy Quran in a dough voice to grasp the meanings of the Quranic verses and thus apply them in your daily life!

5 - Enjoy yourself to enjoy life! Thank Allah, the creator, for everything he gave and is giving you! Gratitude is the power to merit grace and maintain a strong immune system!

6 - Allah, the creator, has given you, and all creatures, everything you need! When we feel a lack in our lives we should be sure that's just because of our short-term vision! Insufficiency occurs inside our mind only, why? Because we mostly depend on narrow thinking and on limited eligibility feeling due to mostly negative expectations!

Please, check this video where I read this exclusive topic in the English language and translate it into the Arabic language to help non-native English speakers to understand the English language and to help non-native Arabic speakers to understand the Arabic language!

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