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Best of Motivation music, Cool music, Relaxing music, Healing music

Best of Motivation music, Cool music, Relaxing music, Healing music

       Scientific research has proven that good music and purposeful songs with high-end words are one of the most important pillars of a happy life for both humans, animals, plants, water, and all living creatures because it's one of the best types of noble art, and a great source of energy, vitality, and mental, intellectual, physical, and spiritual activity (Spiritual music as evidence). It's an important factor of positive mental programming that activates the cells of the human body and stimulates the vital energy in all the moral and physical organs of the human body, especially at the level of the mind and thinking so that the person becomes a positive element, characterized by all the distinct qualities: optimism, creativity, Initiative, Win/Win solutioncoexistence, tolerance, integration, cooperation, interaction, effective communicationinclusion, team spirit, positive thinking, collaboration, productivity, animal welfare, environmental conservation, goals achievement, etc! These positive qualities develop the application of the win/win optimal solution. I invite you to watch the video below!

Best of Motivation music, Cool music, Relaxing music, Healing music
Best of Motivation music, Cool music, Relaxing music, Healing music

What is the role of positive music as a cure for all living creatures?

       As you know, positive music is a very important way to express different human feelings and emotionsjoy, longing, love, praise, welcome, etc. Scientific studies have revealed the positive effects of music on the life of humans, animals, and all living creatures, the most important of which are:

Providing psychological comfort and raising the vital energy index and strengthening the ability to express feelings..!

Enabling the organism to relax through the effect of positive music on reducing anxiety, nervousness, tension, and all mental disorders..!

Creating psychological balance by mood improvement, and emotions upgrading, which leads to achieving renewed happiness..!

Restoration of cerebral imbalances and revitalization of memory in the case of strokes..!

Improving patients' response to treatment, activating self-healing energy, and relieving pain..!

Helping psychiatric patients to overcome suffering and restore self-confidence in this patients category by improving social response, especially for those who suffer from some diseases such as autism, schizophrenia.., through the production of the chemical dopamine to create joy, Serotonin to raise the level of immunity and Cortisol to resist stress, Oxytocin to develop the ability to communicate with others, in addition to the hormones..!

Raising the level of educational attainment and the ability to memorize information, whether in short-term memory or long-term memory, the ability to remember information, and improving cognition among people with some health difficulties such as Alzheimer's, as well as the physical troubles like impotence and frigidity..!

When and how to make the best use of positive music?

       There're favorite moments in which a person can benefit from listening to positive music and get positive results, in cases:

Insomnia: it's considered one of the biggest causes that negatively affect human life because lack of sleep causes negative impacts on all cells of the human body, especially on the brain cells. That's why experts in psychology, sociology, and medicine, in general, recommend listening to calming music because it's an effective treatment that helps to improve the quality of sleep and thus creates a general balance on the human body..!

Obesity or overweight: In order to lose weight or avoid getting excess weight, it's very useful to have healthy meals in a quiet place under low lighting, accompanied by calming music, Why? Because such good conditions can stimulate physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and emotional satisfaction, which makes us eat small amounts of food that allow the stomach to absorb well.

Exercise time: listening to positive music while exercising can stimulate enthusiasm and performance and enhance endurance by overcoming life challenges and forgetting pain and stress. In return, vitality is revitalized and the level of positive energy is raised..!

Nervous Attack Moment: Listening to positive music when feeling stressed out creates harmony between mind, soul, and body. Positive music improves cardiovascular function by bringing the heart rate and blood pressure back to normal..! The fact that helps avoid bad habits like smoking!

Goals achievement: Listening to positive music sends subliminal messages to the subconscious mind, which, in fact, works on soul, body, and mind programming to coordinate, cooperate, and function as a harmonious team to provide the person with good ideas and plans that help him/her achieve goals..!

I invite you to watch this video to:
Stimulate your memory and boost your vitality by watching nice things and listening to wonderful music..!
Refine your memory and tame the bliss of forgetting to increase the speed of the information remembering by Keeping the fun formula, whatever the goal is..!

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